12 Reasons We're Excited to Bring Bea Johnson to Calgary

12 Reasons We're Excited to Bring Bea Johnson to Calgary

On October 27th, we are bringing world-renowned Zero Waste advocate and author Bea Johnson to the Inglewood Community Association in Calgary. We are thrilled to welcome this author of Zero Waste Home and hear what she has to say about living waste-free without sacrificing -- style, money, time or quality of life. Reviews of her speaking engagements label her as inspiring, non-intimidating, accessible and highly informative. Here, learn the top 12 reasons we are so excited for the event.

  1. Bea Johnson is the spokesperson for the Zero Waste lifestyle and, as The New York Times puts it: “The Priestess of Waste-Free Living.”
  2. Everyone who attends will get a free Zero Waste kit just for joining us, with a selection of goodies such as a Nelson Naturals Toothpaste sample, a Routine Deodorant sample, reusable shopping bag & coupon from Blush Lane , bamboo straw from The Straw Hut Co.; and a glass jar & gift voucher from The Apothecary in Inglewood!
  3. You can save 10% plus GST on Bea Johnson’s book, Zero Waste Home, by bundling your purchase with your event ticket. Get both for $38! BONUS: Get your book signed at the event.
  4. When we brought Bea’s book into the store in the spring, we never dreamed we’d be meeting her six months later. We’re ready to be inspired and to get fired up about cutting our waste!
  5. Come have your misconceptions shattered! Bea Johnson challenges the myth of the deprived hippie living the zero waste lifestyle. You’ll see how she lives stylishly while only creating one quart jar of waste per year (for her entire family!). Bea proves that going waste-free can lead to significant health benefits and money savings.
  6. File under: Very Cool... Calgary is a quick stop on Bea Johnson’s Zero Waste Home Tour. Recent stops have included Panama, Santiago and New Caledonia!
  7. Simple: we can't wait to leave feeling inspired to “Waste Less, Live More.”
  8. Local non-profit Green Calgary will be in attendance with their usual amazing arsenal of zero waste and eco-friendly resources. These folks make green living in Calgary so much easier and less daunting!
  9. We're ready to learn! Learn practical solutions to living simply and reducing waste... learn the importance of applying the 5 R’s in order (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot)... learn why people are raving about Bea (okay, we have a pretty good idea, but we can't wait to experience it in person)!
  10. We'll all find out why companies like Google, Starbucks, Yelp, Amazon, IKEA, Adobe and Pixar; as well as Carnegie Mellon University and even the United Nations have invited Bea Johnson to speak.
  11. Plastic-Free YYC will also be in attendance, sharing their initiatives and knowledge. Learn how you can get involved in the movement!
  12. There will be prize packs given away during the event! Get yourself some zero waste tools from CredoBags, Ulat Wool Dryer Balls and more to make the journey a little easier.

Will we see you on October 27? Get your tickets now to ensure your spot!

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Posted by Lindsay on 10/4/2018 to Events