5 Awesome Things About Living in a Small Home

5 Awesome Things About Living in a Small Home

Have you ever thought about downsizing your living space? The book Little House on a Small Planet (by Shay Salomon) is all about the joys of living small — and some of them are surprising!

We’re so excited that a range of our zero waste products will be featured in the Small Space - Maximum Style feature home at the Calgary Fall Home Show! This small space, staged by Wanda Weston of WW Design Studio, promises to inspire you "to maximize the use of any small space, all without sacrificing style." 

Preparing for the show got us thinking about all the things we love about living in a small space (as some of us here do).

Here are some of our favourites, gathered from Little House on a Small Planet:

1) It’s an excuse not to accept stuff you don’t want

This will appeal to minimalists, who shudder when well-meaning loved ones try to hand them items that they don’t want or need - whether that means superfluous gifts, hand-me-downs or free things. It’s nice to be able to honestly say, “No, thank you, I don’t have the space.”

2) Buy less, buy better

With less furniture to buy, fewer rooms and fixtures to care for, and less space to decorate, you may have the luxury of buying higher quality or more eco-friendly items when you do need to make purchases. Only one bathroom sink needs a new faucet? Buy the beautiful, high quality, water efficient option with the money you would have spent on a second... or third. Only one room in need of an area rug, rather than four rooms? You get the picture.

3) Small spaces can actually be better for entertaining!

Have you ever noticed that at parties, everyone tends to gather in the kitchen? More space doesn’t equal better parties — in fact, smaller spaces tend to draw people together. One couple in the book found that guests' favourite space during parties in their tiny home was the cozy loft above their living room. Focus on creating inviting spaces where people can visit and position themselves comfortably.

4) Pay off your debts

Use your money to pay off debts instead of making monthly payments for more space than you actually need. How great would that feel?!

5) Get outdoors and engage with the community

Living small goes hand in hand with cooperating with your neighbours. Think about it: if you live in a small space, you’re more likely to spend time outside; visit a gym or local rec centre; join a community garden; go to the library and more. You'll also spend less time cleaning and maintaining your home, giving you the chance to walk outside and meet the people in your community. 


Do you live in a small home? We'd love to hear about your favourite benefits in the discussion on our Facebook page!

Posted by Lindsay on 9/11/2019 to Events