5 Diffuser Blends for Stressful Times

If you are already finding yourself rushing around to stores; worrying about your bank account balance; overbooked with holiday commitments and celebrations... you're not alone. Of course you likely already know that and wish you were alone as you ride up the crowded escalator. The following blends are helpful to diffuse when you make it safely back home or to the office, or to put in a portable diffuser (such as a necklace, inhaler or even a car diffuser). Choose the blend that best matches your mental state and breathe deeply!

Tea time

Deep Breath

Featuring essential oils that are amazing for the airways, as well as for stressful times when a deep breath is indeed needed.

Time Out

The oils in this blend are perfect for times of stress and overwhelm; both calming and providing a boost.

  • 3 drops Lime, to take you from Agitated to Calm
  • 3 drops Marjoram to take you from Anxious to Soothed
  • 2 drops Sweet Orange, to take you from Serious to Lighthearted
  • 1 drop Ginger, to take you from Depleted to Sustained
  • 1 drop Spearmint, to take you from Weary to Invigorated

Brain Declutter

A great blend for those of us who over think, or worry a bit more than we should, this blend contains oils that are noted for boosting clear, concise thinking, lifting the emotions, and deterring stressful thoughts. 

If your mind is feeling cluttered or noisy, or is just dealing with repetitive, worrisome thoughts as of late, give this blend a try.

Relax & Refresh 

For when you have been working oh so hard! What better way to relax than with an uplifting, refreshing and relaxing blend, and your favourite book? You deserve it.

Down Time 

Together these four oils should help to ease nervous tension, lift spirits, bring an overall sense of balance and calm us emotionally.

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