5 Essential Oil Blends for the Festive Season

5 Essential Oil Blends for the Festive Season


The holidays are a busy time -- it can take a lot out of you! Take a few minutes to yourself and pop one of these blends in the diffuser. You'll feel relaxed, recharged, and imbued with Christmas spirit!


Hot cocoa

Careful: this one will make you want sweets! This is the ultimate innocent, happy, comforting scent -- close your eyes, inhale deeply and enjoy!


Cozy Cabin in the Woods

For chilly, blustery or just plain unpleasant days, we created this blend to remind us of the warmth and coziness of a cabin in the woods.


Candy Cane

Not only does the sweet, refreshing scent of candy cane bring to mind the joy of the yuletide season, it is also a great, gentle way to wake yourself up and improve focus and alertness. This is a wonderful blend to use in your Car Scenter diffuser or in the office when you have to work before Christmas but can't stop thinking about those last minute gifts you need to get.


Evergreen Boughs

Want to fill your home with Christmas cheer and nostalgia really quickly? Drop these oils in the diffuser and picture Christmases past. This is the pure, simple scent of holiday magic, and it's incredibly grounding as well.


Spiced Citrus

Another super happy blend, this smells like spiced orange pomanders! Sweet and spicy with a base of uplifting citrus, this one will be a favourite of children and adults alike and is perfect to diffuse during holiday celebrations. 

Posted by Lindsay on 12/7/2018 to Ask Your Aromatherapist