5 Things to Do In Inglewood and the East Village This August Long Weekend

5 Things to Do In Inglewood and the East Village This August Long Weekend

1. Sunfest

We are so excited for this year’s Inglewood Sunfest! This festival brings our beautiful, historic neighbourhood to life for one day each August, closing off a section of 9th Avenue and adding music, dancing, vendors, food and community organizations to keep you amused for hours. Stop by to visit our shoppe at the west end of 9th Avenue, or find our vendor tent to pick up some zero waste goodies. Inglewood Sunfest takes place Saturday, August 3 from 11 am to 6 pm.

2. Art tour + Village Ice Cream

Did you know that there are some really wonderful and provocative pieces of public art in the communities of Inglewood and East Village, and on St. Patrick’s Island? Grab a delicious treat from Village Ice Cream and head north, enjoying the views of Studio Bell, the restored St. Louis Hotel and the new Calgary Public Library, stopping in if you have time. There is also The Bounce multi-use games park behind the St. Louis, with basketball courts, ping pong tables and a variety of other games. Stroll through East Village to find The Device to Root Out Evil by Dennis Oppenheim at 5th Street and 6th Avenue, then head further north to the George C. King bridge to get to St. Patrick’s Island. Here, you will find a large sculpture comprised of several different styles of streetlamps, called Bloom. Watch it light up at dusk. And look for the osprey nest on top! If you continue east and cross the next bridge back into Inglewood, you’ll find the community’s newest sculpture, Wolfe and the Sparrows, at the south end of the bridge. From here you can wander Inglewood and pay our store a visit, or stick to the river pathway and enjoy the view as you approach the confluence of the Elbow River and the Bow River. If you’re strolling at night, you can walk along the East Village pathway past Fort Calgary and enjoy the variety of coloured LED light installations.

3. Microbreweries

Inglewood and Ramsay are a hot bed of microbreweries, so if you like beer (or kombucha for that matter), you’re in for a treat! You could spend all day wandering between small, local breweries like Highline, Dandy, Ol’ Beautiful, Cold Garden, Eighty-Eight, and the Revival Brewcade and have a great time doing it!

4. East Village Hive Tour with MOB Honey

A new installation in the East Village features five beehives at the EV Experience Centre. On Sunday, August 4 from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm and 1 to 3 pm, the folks at MOB HONEY are giving a tour of the project. They’ll be talking about bees, biodiversity and local honey. Join them for free — kids four and up are welcome accompanied by an adult.

5. A day on St. Patrick’s Island

Bring a picnic and stay a while! St. Patrick’s Island was redeveloped a few years ago and is directly across the river from our store. Wander the paths along the river and through the woods (and enjoy the air show by the tree swallows that live here); go for a dip in the Seasonal Breach, a safe wading area near the west end; check out the unique playground that will amuse even adults; and climb the big hill for the workout and the views. There are tons of birds to be seen here.

Posted by Lindsay on 7/31/2019 to Events