5 Valentine’s Gifts to Give Yourself

5 Valentine’s Gifts to Give Yourself

We’re not big on Valentine’s Day, to be honest, but since it’s going to be all we see for the next week, let’s talk about some ways to love on yourself - just because!

Perfume or perfuming class

Perfume is often thought of as romantic, but when done right, it’s more for you than for others. No one should be able to smell you as you walk into a room… only if they lean in nice and close. The net effect is that your scent has a much greater impact on your self image and how you carry yourself than it does on how others feel about you. Purchasing or creating a scent for yourself can be a beautiful and even alchemical experience.

While essential oils should not be applied directly to skin, diluting them in a carrier oil such as jojoba allows you to use them safely for perfuming. Pop that blend in a rollerball and you can carry your perfume with you wherever you go.

Choose a pre-made roll on (try ZenLotus, Secret Garden or Nag Champa for romantic vibes) or ask us about creating your own blend.

Would you like to learn more about the art of perfuming? Our Natural Perfuming class on March 9 might be just the resource (and Valentine’s Day gift to yourself) that you’re looking for!

A beautiful bath experience

Give yourself the gift of an experience! Mindfully planning out your bath is a wonderful way to create a really beautiful evening for yourself. This might mean buying your favourite bath product — whether that is bubble bath, a bath bomb, bath salts, tub truffles or another goodie — or it might mean crafting your own personalized experience using raw materials, essential oils and beautiful herbs of your choosing.

We’ve posted before about how to create your own bath salts and bath bombs, and this post from All Things Jill has some really lovely ideas on crafting a memorable bath experience.

Whatever you do, just don’t forget to treat yourself to a beverage and some entertainment!

That perfect lipstick (or eye shadow, or blush, or nail polish, or…)

A new bit of makeup can feel so self-indulgent, especially when it’s something a little out of character. Whether that means a rich, red lipstick; or an eye shadow colour you have never tried; or some really sparkly nail polish; the important part is that it feels indulgent to you. Wear it out on a date or stay at home and have fun playing around with looks for yourself. It feels good!

We are rather partial to Elate Cosmetics (given that their products are made in Canada; cruelty-free; boast totally clean ingredient lists; and come in beautiful sustainable packaging).

Diffuser jewellery

Diffuser jewellery makes an especially wonderful gift for yourself because it’s a 2-in-1: you get a piece of jewellery that you really love the look of, but you also get a personal, portable diffuser that allows you to enjoy your favourite essential oils on the go.

One great option for diffuser jewellery is any piece incorporating lava stone. You can drop any essential oil onto this stone and it will hold the scent for about a day, allowing you to switch things up as often as you desire. Check out our selection of locally made diffuser jewellery here.

A new skincare regimen

Has your face been limping along; dry, breaking out, developing wrinkles or just generally not feeling really supple? Have you been using the same cleanser and/or toner and/or moisturizer for years? Or maybe you’re convinced that a bar of regular soap and a bottle of lotion you bought at the drugstore truly offer your skin the care it needs.

If what you’re doing is working, then by all means, please continue. But if you’ve been thinking that maybe you could be taking better care of your face, that is probably true.

Perhaps a new lineup of facial care products is called for?

This might seem like a funny choice for a Valentine’s Day gift for yourself, but think about it: you wash your face daily; perhaps at least twice a day. A really good skincare routine means makeup might be moot, even if you’re currently wearing it regularly. The feel and scent of your facial care products can really start your day on the right foot and remind you that you are making a choice to care for yourself, meaning that you’ll begin on a note of self love which will hopefully carry through to everything you do.

This doesn’t need to be expensive. Choose a cleanser based on your skin type: a soap bar may do the trick, but do a bit of research on its face-specific ingredients first. Other great options include gel cleansers for oily skin, creme cleansers for dry or sensitive skin, Konjac sponges and oil cleansing. Regardless of which you choose, look for a short and recognizable ingredient list.

We recommend using a toner as well, and hydrosols work well for this. Follow up with a moisturizer before your toner dries.

Happy Valentine's Day, regardless of your feelings on the matter. We hope that you have the chance to use the occasion to really pamper yourself.

Posted by Lindsay on 2/6/2019 to Products