A Diffuser Blend to Feel Thankful For

A Diffuser Blend to Feel Thankful For

Here in Canada, Thanksgiving long weekend is just two days away, and we are already counting our blessings.

Here are five things we're thankful for this week:

  1. Sunshine -- it may have snowed heavily here in Calgary but we're super thankful that the sun is shining again!
  2. That one friend we all have who is your polar opposite... but somehow you just get each other. Also, that other friend who always shows up with pie. (Wait, is that a friend we all have? Or is that just us?)
  3. Dogs! We are so thankful for our shop dogs, Django and Angus. And for those of us who don't have dogs at home (but cats instead) -- we are thankful we get to pal around with dogs at work and enjoy kitties at home!
  4. The increasing selection of zero waste goods that are becoming available. It's easy and fun to work to reduce our waste when we have beautiful, functional tools!
  5. And we're thankful today for this amazing blend of spicy and citrus essential oils, for helping us celebrate this weekend full of pumpkin pie!

Fall Gratitude Diffuser Blend

1 drop Vetiver
2 drops Sweet Orange
1 drop Ginger
1 drop Nutmeg
1 drop Cinnamon Leaf

Pop these babies in the diffuser and feel the joy. YUM!

Posted by Lindsay on 10/3/2018 to Diffuser Blends

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