An Ode to Mint With Summer Cooling Spray

An Ode to Mint With Summer Cooling Spray

Double Mint Cooling Spray

It’s about to get real toasty out there folks! And some of us are prepared to do just about anything to keep from overheating and becoming a soggy, sweaty mess. Along with throwing your socks, slippers, underpants and sheets in your freezer, you can also create a cooling mist that’s super easy to make and you can pack along with you where ever you may go!

Menthol = sexy cooling times. Anything with this component in it is definitely going to pack a punch with some serious cooling ACTION (... action ... action … echoes off into the distance over a cool, snowy mountainscape). Hence, the double mint. In this recipe you can choose to have one of the two, or both! Spearmint is definitely a more gentle option if you are concerned with sensitivities*. 



Add essential oils to bottle. If using emulsifier, add equal parts emulsifier and swish lightly to blend. Add witch hazel to fill the bottle to the halfway mark. Top up the rest of your bottle with distilled water, only filling to the shoulder as we don’t want any spillage when we put our lid in. Lid up your bottle and shake to blend. If you have not added emulsifier, ensure that you add a label that reads, Shake Before Each Use.


Add Aloe for some extra anti-inflammatory action to help with too much sun exposure!

A short note on sensitivities (and hydrosols)...

Feeling a little sensitive? Or want to give the mist an extra kick? You can always utilize a Hydrosol! Peppermint Hydrosol, a water based co-product of the essential oil, is much more gentle and can be used in place of essential oils, or in combination to take it up that extra notch. Fill your bottle with 1/3 Hydrosol, 1/3 Witch Hazel and 1/3 Water; and choose to either add or not add essential oils.

Posted by Katie on 7/5/2018 to Recipes