Black Pepper: Uplifting and Grounding

Black Pepper: Uplifting and Grounding

Black Pepper is an essential oil that comes from the seeds of the towering Pepper vine plant. The viscosity of Black Pepper essential oil is quite thin and the scent is a spicy and musky middle note. Uses for this essential oil can range from muscular or digestive, to emotional support, all the way into perfume making. 

Black Pepper is an excellent addition to blends meant to aid the mind and emotions. It has restorative properties for the mind when it has become exhausted and warms emotions when in a cold state. It's also an aphrodisiac (ooh la la)! 

When it comes to aiding muscles, this oil is a perfect choice. You will find that Black Pepper essential oil is warming and can help relieve pain. It provides increased blood circulation by dilating blood vessels. Try adding into a massage oil and applying before intense physical activity to help blood flow and muscular movement. 

Here's a Master Blend you can try with Black Pepper:

"Chipper Me" Morning Blend

This blend of essential oils is inspired by the mornings we awaken from a night of uneasy sleep. Sometimes we have weird and disorienting dreams that leave us feeling dislocated and in a daze when we wake up. Try this Master Blend in the diffuser or as a body spray to give yourself a gentle uplift of energy while also grounding you. 

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Posted by Katherine on 3/18/2019 to Ask Your Aromatherapist