Celebrate Simplicity Day With These Amazing Resources

Our Five Favourite Resources on Minimalism, Zero Waste and Simple Living

July 12 is Simplicity Day, and we are all for keeping things simple! Here at The Apothecary in Inglewood, we relate that back to three main ideas:

  1. Minimalism, or living life with the fewest material possessions one is able to;
  2. Zero Waste, which involves consuming mindfully so as to create as little waste (especially waste that will need to enter the waste stream, such as garbage or recycling) as possible;
  3. Simple Living, or living one's life in a way that aims to simplify everything from the way you eat, to your social commitments, to your home and beyond.

With that in mind, here are five of our favourite resources for Simplicity Day. If you'd like to join the conversation, come on over to our Facebook page, where we're talking simple living and resources!

#1 Becoming Minimalist

This blog by minimalist Joshua Becker is a treasure trove of ideas and information on the minimalist lifestyle. Whether you currently ascribe to this lifestyle or not, Becker's thoughts and guidance would be valuable to anyone in improving their quality of life. Follow Becoming Minimalist on Facebook for daily, bite-sized tidbits.

Jars with candles

#2 Bea Johnson, author of Zero Waste Home 

Dubbed "the priestess of waste-free living" by the New York Times, Bea Johnson travels the world inspiring and guiding others on their own zero-waste journeys. While Johnson used to live in a 3,000 sq-ft home in a California suburb, the desire to move to a more walkable neighbourhood placed her and her family (husband and two sons) in a small apartment for a year while they shopped for a new place. “We had put 80 per cent of our belongings in storage for an entire year and we hadn’t even missed them,” she told NOW Toronto. “So we let them go.”

You can find her book, Zero Waste Home at The Apothecary in Inglewood as well as in our online store. Get inspired right now by watching her TEDx Talk: "Two adults, two kids, zero waste."

#3 Better Off: Flipping the Switch on Technology by Eric Brende

Have you ever sat and wondered about the role technology plays in our lives? Or how much technology is too much? Brende tackled this question by moving in with the Amish for eighteen months and examining technology -- from its simplest forms to the more modern and complex -- in thoughtful and inspiring ways. Not only is this a great story, it will get you thinking about technology's place in your own life. You might find yourself doing things a little differently after you read it!

#4 Surfwise (The Amazing True Odyssey of the Paskowitz Family)

"Legendary surfer, Dorian “Doc” Paskowitz, abandoned a successful medical practice to withdraw from the lifestyle of mainstream America. But unlike other American searchers like Thoreau or Kerouac, Paskowitz took his wife and nine children along for the ride, all eleven of them living in a 24-foot camper. The family spent their days living by Doc’s rules on health, fitness, sexuality, and above all surfing." 

This wildly entertaining documentary about unconventional Doc Paskowitz and his family can be hard to find (the Calgary Public Library has it!), but it's so worth seeking out.

Surfwise documentary

#5 Marie Kondo and her Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

We know you have likely all heard about the KonMari Method already -- Marie Kondo truly did change lives with her book about getting rid of all the possessions that don't spark joy in you. But we had to put this on the list because we really feel it's worth checking out. If you're wondering where to start with simplifying your life and dwindling the number of material possessions you're holding on to, this could be just what you're looking for!


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