Dry Hair? Turn to Shea Butter! (Includes Recipes)

Dry Hair? Turn to Shea Butter! (Includes Recipes)

If winter has left your hair dry, frizzy and charged with static electricity, shea butter is the perfect solution. Known for its supreme moisturizing abilities, this natural nut butter from Ghana is the perfect ally for winter skin and hair. The experts at Baraka Shea, Canadian importer of shea butter, have created two recipes to help with the afore-mentioned hair situation.

Once-a-Week, Half Hour Treatment

Just once a week, give yourself half an hour for your hair to soak in this freshly made "Super Soft Hair Conditioner." Ingredients include shea butter, vitamin E oil, aloe vera gel, sweet almond oil, coconut milk, raw honey and vanilla extract. 

Intensive 2-3 Hour Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

When your hair needs a deeply moisturizing, intensive treatment, this simple blend of coconut oil and shea butter will do the trick. Put on a movie (or two!), let this sit, then shampoo out. Beautiful!

Of course, shea butter is also wonderful massaged directly into the skin, so don't let any wash down the drain -- rub any excess into dry areas, or all over!

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