Essential Oils for the Season of Remembrance

Essential Oils for the Season of Remembrance

Many faith communities, cultures and ancient traditions recognize early November as a time to remember loved ones that have passed. This is a perfect time to utilize essential oils for remembrance; a sense of connection to those that have passed; as well as comfort during times of grief.

Whether you are feeling the earth-magick of Halloween or the upcoming full moon; celebrating one of the numerous cultural or religious celebrations which honours deceased loved ones and ancestors; or taking time to appreciate those who have fallen in military service as we approach Remembrance Day here in Canada, the following list is a great place to start when choosing essential oils to diffuse during this period.

  • Basil: used to protect the home from evil
  • Cedarwood: aids in communication with spirits
  • Cistus: helps in times of grief
  • Cypress: traditionally has symbolized the afterlife; helps with mindfulness
  • Fir: helps to create a link to the “other side” and also comforts the bereaved
  • Frankincense: good for mindfulness and and grief
  • Marjoram: brings comfort to the spirits of those that have passed and helps to aid them in a peaceful journey
  • Oakmoss: symbolic in honouring loved ones who have passed
  • Parsley: historically used in funeral rites, parsley can be used when honouring and remembering loved ones
  • Patchouli: helps to hold onto memories of deceased loved ones, while also releasing our bonds to them so their spirits can move on
  • Rose: one of the best oils for comfort in times of sorrow
  • Rosemary: known as the oil of remembrance
  • Sandalwood: great for mindfulness; commonly used for meditation
  • Secret Garden synergy blend: helps with transition from difficult times
  • Solace synergy blend: brings solace; helps to navigate difficult emotions that may surface, and access gratitude for those difficult emotions and memories
  • Yarrow: used to purify ritual spaces, yarrow is also helpful in communicating with the spirits of loved ones

Remember that scent has very powerful ties to memory. Any scent that reminds you of a loved one or of treasured memories will be a great choice whether you are creating a ritual, observing a tradition of remembrance or just want to sit and spend some quiet time with memories of loved ones.

Posted by Katherine on 10/31/2017 to Ask Your Aromatherapist

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