Essential Oils to Support Post-Holiday Detox

The holidays are all over now, and many of us likely ate or drank too much, spent a bit too much time sitting on our butts trying to hide from the terrible weather, or suffered through too many awkward conversations with family. Not to be pessimistic - we love the holidays, and family, and staying cozy indoors! But the holiday season is definitely one of those times that we all let our healthy habits slip a bit. And that's okay, because our bodies are fantastic at detoxing themselves - we have all sorts of systems in place to clear out toxins and extra substances we don't need.

Help your body out in its natural processes by drinking lots of water (add lemon for extra detox action!), moving (yoga twists are especially good for the internal organs), eating fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals, dry brushing your skin and soaking in warm Epsom salt baths.

Lemon Water

Here are some essential oils that you can add to your Epsom salts, dilute to 1% and use topically, or diffuse to support your body's systems in the detoxification process. 

  1. Lemon: What a great way to welcome back the sun as the days get longer! Lemon essential oil helps to move fats out of the body, combats both oily and dry skin, and is an excellent oil to employ when you are feeling generally rundown. Dilute to 1% or less in a carrier and use sparingly, as lemon is a sensitizing oil. If you'd like the powerful effects of lemon in a drink, your best bet is to put lemon wedges in your glass of water or make a lemon-ginger tea. Please don't ingest lemon essential oil! The great thing about lemon, though, is that its effects are powerful so a little bit used now and then goes a long way!
  2. Juniper: an amazing detoxifier, juniper essential oil aids our urinary tract and kidneys and also happens to be an excellent airborne disinfectant (flu season, anyone?). Juniper helps to boost confidence and willpower (great for those New Year's resolutions) and also clears negative energy! This could be the perfect January essential oil. 
  3. Sage: therapeutic grade sage essential oil (like our Sage 1,8 Cineol) is helpful in releasing toxins - perfect to add to Epsom salts, soak in the bath and drink a ton of water to flush everything out. Sage is also great for reducing mental exhaustion, and clearing negative and stagnant energy. 
  4. Mints: yes, plural! Peppermint essential oil is a known and effective detoxifier, but if you want something a little more gentle (or you just prefer the scent), you can use spearmint for the same benefits. Dilute and use topically, or diffuse for a refreshing, invigorating and nausea-busting boost! Peppermint hydrosol is also a fantastic option and can be spritzed directly in the face for a little pick-me-up. We implore you not to ingest peppermint essential oil - peppermint tea is a wonderful, natural, effective and safe alternative!
  5. Yummy Tummy Synergy Blend: this blend, designed to relieve tummy upsets, contains a number of detoxifying oils, including lemon, ginger, peppermint, fennel and rosemary. Grab the roll on, rub it on your tummy (or the back of your neck, if you prefer and you don't currently have a tummy ache) and sit back with a big glass of water to enjoy the beautiful aroma while you let your system do the work of clearing things out. 

And for an extra boost for the system, consider sipping some delicious Daily Detox Herbal Tea, hot or iced!

Detox Blend for the Diffuser (or Diluted for Massage)

  • 3 drops lemon essential oil
  • 3 drops cypress essential oil
  • 2 drops fennel essential oil
  • 2 drops juniper essential oil

Happy New Year!

Posted by Katherine on 1/9/2018 to Products