Essential Oils to Support You Through This Full Moon

Essential Oils to Support You Through This Full Moon

We're not astrologers, but we have heard that this full moon (happening at 12:39 am on November 23 -- so, late tonight) might find us with anger bubbling up and battling impulsiveness. We also hear that it's a great time to face our shadows and dig deep in order to release negativity and pain from the past, making space for renewal and moving forward in healing and positivity.

And that all sounds like a whole lot of emotional processing that essential oils could help with!

How to Use Essential Oils on the Full Moon

  • In the bath: add up to four drops of essential oil to one cup of salt (Epsom salts or sea salt). You can use more salt if desired. Dissolve in bath.
  • Massage: the full moon is said to be a good time to focus on your heart chakra, and what better way to open up that heart chakra than sharing a massage with a loved one? Add up to 18 drops of essential oil to 1 oz of the carrier oil of your choice.
  • Diffusing: diffuse as usual during meditation or whatever magickal things you like to do on the full moon.

Essential Oils for the 2018 Beaver Moon

Given the circumstances listed above, we've tried to highlight oils that are grounding, centring and balancing; that assist in release negative patterns or attachments; that help us to feel calm, safe and at peace; and that are connected with the moon.

This is a good time to use any of your favourite oils with any of those properties (there are lots!), or any oils you feel intuitively drawn to. Here are some options to get you started:

  • benzoin - said to be helpful with spiritual transformation, benzoin also lends feelings of calm, safety and peace
  • cedarwood - cedarwood is a wonderfully grounding oil that can help to clear negativity and calm nerves
  • cypress - grounding and calming, cypress is helpful in embracing the full depth of one's emotions, as well as releasing stagnant energy and relationships
  • eucalyptus - to remind you to breathe. Also, eucalyptus is said to cool feelings of anger.
  • frankincense - a highly spiritual oil, frankincense offers a host of powerful benefits, but notably here, it is helpful in balancing emotions
  • lemongrass - to help you tap into your intuition and true feelings, as well as cleanse and release any negative energies and old belief systems that no longer serve us
  • marjoram - in this context, marjoram is useful to help bring about change and growth. It is also said to relax and calm the mind, allowing you to identify the thoughts and emotions that are affecting you at a deeper level.
  • myrrh - myrrh has powerful grounding, protection and energy clearing properties and is associated with the moon
  • palo santo - helps you feel centred when you are unbalanced, and draw out negative and dark emotions to be released
  • spruce - contributes to balancing emotions by encouraging self awareness
  • thyme - this empowering oil boosts strength and courage and clears negative energy, allowing us to release and forgive
  • vetiver - another powerful grounding oil, vetiver offers stability and strength when dealing with emotional turmoil

Combining Oils

Try these combinations depending on what you have, or choose some from the list above and add other favourites as needed. The books The Essential Guide to Aromatherapy and Vibrational Healing and Mixing Essential Oils for Magic are both very helpful in deciding which oils to use in situations like this.

Synergy Blends

There are several synergy blends that would be helpful during this challenging full moon, depending on your particular circumstances and what you're feeling.

  • Breathe Easy - though designed to literally help you breathe more easily by easing congestion, this blend, which includes marjoram, eucalyptus and frankincense (listed above), may be helpful in reminding you to take deep breaths when situations get tense. The inclusion of pine essential oil gives this blend an extra element of protective energy and the feeling of connection to the great outdoors, and lavender helps to calm and soothe nerves.
  • Earth - this supremely grounding blend includes vetiver, patchouli and cedarwood. Juniper facilitates a return to inner harmony and balance. This blend is amazing for meditation, so if that's in your plans for this full moon, Earth is a great choice.
  • Happy Mumma - formulated for moms of all stages, this blend is perfect for pregnancy, labour and post-partum. This blend is a beautiful, nurturing and heart-opening option for anyone though, with incredible emotional supports rose, jasmine and ylang ylang, as well as frankincense, and relaxing and calming lavender.
  • Into the Woods - this Christmas-y, fresh synergy might be the perfect blend for this full moon! Consisting of frankincense, cedarwood, juniper, Siberian fir, benzoin, sandalwood and oak moss, it is grounding, refreshing and calming, like a walk through the woods in the crisp air.
  • Sleep - if the full moon is keeping you up at night or you're feeling extra anxious, this might be the blend for you today. With the sedative oils marjoram, Roman chamomile, neroli, clary sage and lavender, as well as mandarin to bring calm and feelings of well-being, this blend is perfect for calming down and settling in for a good rest.
  • Well Being - "a calming blend to create a sense of tranquility." This blend includes cedarwood, frankincense, vetiver and lemongrass. If you have some deep emotional work to do, this may help to keep you calm and feeling safe during the process.

For more information on tonight's full moon, we recommend what Chani Nicholas, an amazing astrologer has to say.

Books used as sources for this blog post: The Essential Guide to Aromatherapy and Vibrational Healing by Margaret Ann Lembo; Mixing Essential Oils for Magic by Sandra Kynes; The Blossoming Heart by Robbi Zeck ND.


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