Five Ways Cloth Bowl Covers Will Make Your Life Better

Five Ways Cloth Bowl Covers Will Make Your Life Better

Who knew that the humble, handmade cloth bowl cover could improve your life in so many ways? Here are just a few...

1. Fewer bugs in your salad

Dining al fresco? Once the bugs start to come out, it gets a little bit less pleasant. The last thing you want is to find a gnat or a beetle in your salad. Bowl covers are an easy fix and with a variety of sizes on hand, you can cover all the dishes at your meal to keep unwanted guests out of the food.

2. Less waste

If you’re like us, you’re a lot more aware these days of the volume of garbage (and recycling) leaving your home. One easy fix is to do away with plastic wrap — it’s truly not necessary when you have the right tools. This includes reusable containers, beeswax wraps, jars and of course, bowl covers! Leftovers are easy to store with waxed and unwaxed bowl covers.

3. Easier Meatless Mondays

Beans and lentils are the unsung heroes of nutrition. Shockingly affordable, chock-full of nutrients and filling as heck, legumes have a lot to offer. The most affordable way to eat beans and lentils is to buy them dried, and rehydrate as needed. This involves soaking. Cover your soaking beans with a bowl cover to keep out pests and debris!

4. They’re great for fermenting

Have some kombucha going on the counter? Maybe a sourdough starter? For anything you ferment in a jar, that needs to be covered to keep fruit flies out, but also needs to breathe a bit, bowl covers are perfect! Unwaxed covers in small sizes fit just right.

5. They make wrapping food gifts a no-brainer

Put your gift of homebaked goods, or your potluck contribution in a bowl (try thrifted for extra eco-friendly credit and to avoid the stress making sure it gets back to you), cover with a cute bowl cover, and let your host know that they can keep the whole package! You are now, officially, their favourite guest.

Posted by Lindsay on 5/14/2020 to Promotions