Go Back to School With Our Fall Classes!

Go Back to School With Our Fall Classes!

Choose From First Steps Aromatherapy, BodyCare and Canine Aromatherapy

As you watch the kids walk by with their bright new backpacks, full of excitement to catch up with their friends and headed off to learn new things... if you feel a twinge of jealousy, don't despair. You too can spend time with friends while learning new things! Have you been curious about essential oils and aromatherapy? Yearning to handcraft your own natural bath and body products from scratch? Or maybe you'd love to learn how essential oils can benefit your pooch? Well read on, dear one -- we may have just the class you're looking for here at The Apothecary in Inglewood this fall!

First Steps Aromatherapy

Taught by the amazing Jean Channon-Simpson, this class runs over Friday evening and all day Saturday, and will give you a solid foundation of knowledge in true aromatherapy. In fact, this is the prerequisite for our Aromatherapy Level 1 course!

By the end of this class, you will be able to use essential oils safely and knowledgeably for yourself, your family and your friends, including purchasing therapeutic oils and choosing appropriate blends and applications for various needs. You will leave feeling confident in creating aromatherapeutic blends and analyzing recipes for effectiveness and safety. Jean will go over 14 commonly used essential oils in depth and you will gain an understanding of basic aromatherapy terminology, enabling you to venture out and learn further on your own following the class.

We have dates coming up! Learn more and register here.


This is a hands-on workshop! As in... you'll be making things! In fact, you'll go home with a basic lotion, body butter, scrub/bath salts, body oil and a body/room mist. Learn how to follow a recipe and use pure, natural ingredients to create personal care products for yourself, or for others -- maybe for the upcoming holiday season? This is a great class to take with a friend or loved one, but be prepared to get right in there and get a little messy!

Get the details and find all the upcoming dates here!

Gone to The Dogs: Canine Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy for dogs? That's right! If you love essential oils, and you love your dog, it's worth your time to learn how the two interact -- and the benefits essential oils can have for your pooch. Plus, you'll learn more about your furry friend in general, including signs of stress and other signals, and all about their everyday behaviours. 

You'll leave knowing the difference between essential oils and hydrosols and how to use each safely for your favourite canine. You'll even learn about canine massage, and a special guest from Unleashed will join us to talk about canine diet.

BONUS: you'll get a copy of The Aromatic Dog by Nayana Morag!

For full details and class dates, click here!

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