Handmade Gifts: Fragrant Bath Salts

Handmade Gifts: Fragrant Bath Salts

Time is running low before Christmas, but luckily bath salts are one of the most beautiful and rewarding gifts you can make -- and one of the quickest as well!

All you'll need is salt (Epsom is definitely our favourite, but sea salt  or even table salt works as well), perhaps some magnesium flakes or baking soda and essential oils! Add botanicals to make the salts really pretty and pour into a glass jar.

Basic Bath Salt Recipe

A Note on Ingredients

Epsom salts are the nicest for soaking, so if you have the option, we highly recommend using them. To find out more about the benefits of different types of salts, check out this blog post from All Things Jill.

Add magnesium flakes for extra muscle soothing and relaxation; or baking soda for alkalizing the bath (great for yeast issues!). But don't add both together, as they solidify when mixed together and with essential oils. 

Choose any essential oils that you like, but make sure they're not contraindicated with bath or topical use (such as cinnamon, for instance).


  1. Salts of your choice - 1/4 cup to 4 cups per jar
    • Dead sea salts (or other sea salts)
    • Table salt (non-iodized)
    • Epsom salts
  2. Essential oils of your choice (consider lavenderRoman chamomileneroli or lemongrass - or a synergy blend!)
  3. (Optional) Magnesium flakes OR baking soda
  4. (Optional) Botanicals such as rose or hibiscus petals; or lavender, calendula or chamomile buds


    1. Place your salts (and magnesium flakes or baking soda, if using) in your jar or container - be sure to measure how much you're using.
    2. Add up to four drops of essential oils per full cup of salts.
    3. Place lid on jar and invert a few times to incorporate oils into salts.
    4. If using botanicals, add a sprinkle, or a couple of tablespoons here. You can leave these sitting on top or gently invert a few times to incorporate.

    These only need to sit about 30-60 minutes before they're fully incorporated and ready to use, so you can whip up a gift in a pinch! 

    Posted by Katie on 12/19/2018 to Handmade Gifts