Kids and Cabin Fever: Aromatherapy Solutions

Kids and Cabin Fever: Aromatherapy Solutions

This week, I'd like to write about something serious and very, very relevant in the month of January: kids with cabin fever!

Cabin fever

It's January. Maybe the weather is great but it's probably not, and the kids have been stuck inside for an extended period of time. If you are a caregiver, teacher, parent or grandparent who is spending time with kids on a daily basis, you know that these kids have energy to expend and you need to help them with that (ideally without losing any of your hair). So let's talk about some essential oils and blends that you can diffuse and maybe get the kids engaged.

Some blends I like:

If you have access to a diffuser, you can fill it with distilled water and put a couple of drops of either of these in:

  • Walkin' On Sunshine: I know, I talk about this blend constantly, but that's because it's so multi-purpose! It's just lovely. 
  • Sunflower Citrus: this is another fierce contender because it really is like sunshine on a day when you don't have any.

Both of these blends are are made up of cheery citrus oils that will brighten the energy in the room and increase the sparkle in the day. This should help to take off any rough edges that are happening due to being cooped up, and also allow you to meet the kids where they're at energetically so you can be at your best to help them get their wiggles out.

You might consider adding a grounding oil like frankincense or vetiver to either blend in the diffuser to help ground everyone a bit while you're at it.

  • Earth synergy blend would be a great grounding option if that is more what you need.
  • Palmarosa is a wonderful emotional "pick-me-up" with a green, grassy scent.
  • Bergamot is a cheerful, happy scent that helps to encourage positive energy and also has a bit of a sedative effect.

Next, head on over to YouTube and check out Cosmic Kids Yoga - and maybe start practicing some asanas! This is a great way to get the blood flowing and funnel that energy, and hopefully calm your little bo peeps down a bit.

I hope the cabin fever passes quickly! Good luck and Godspeed.

Posted by Katherine on 1/16/2018 to Products

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