Must Love Coffee: Bar Soap Looking To Get a Bit Rough

Must Love Coffee: Bar Soap Looking To Get a Bit Rough

Hi! I'm Coffee+Clove Scrub Soap

Let's meet up for a cup and a scrub.

My Self Summary

I want nothing more than to get real. Let's scrub away those layers and show each other what's underneath. For me, that's more clove bud; more cinnamon leaf; more coffee grounds. For you, that's a fresh, new layer of skin.

What I'm Doing With My Life

Scrubbing! That's kind of my main deal. When you crave exfoliation, I'm your guy.

I'm Really Good At 

Uhhh, let's see... oh, that's right, scrubbing! No but really, I also mask odours thanks to the clove, cinnamon and sweet orange essential oils that these soap artisans have packed me with, so if you've been digging in the compost or messing with garlic, I've got your back (and hands... and arms... and, you know... your front, also).

Favourite Books, Movies, Shows, Music and Food

My favourite book is Black Coffee, by Agatha Christie.

My favourite movie is Coffee and Cigarettes. Because Jim Jarmusch.

My favourite TV show is Coffee Talk.

...JUST KIDDING, that's not a real show!

I don't really have a favourite type of music. I usually listen to the Starbucks playlist on Spotify.

My favourite food is braised kale.

The Six Things I Could Never Do Without

  • caffeine
  • roughing it
  • second chances
  • my garden
  • a good mystery
  • dark and stormy nights

On a Typical Friday Night I Am...

Meeting with my writers group at the coffee house.

You Should Message Me If...

You enjoy a gentle scrub-a-dub. You love coffee and a little spice. You've got some accumulated baggage to slough off.

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