Orange in All Its Forms

Orange in All Its Forms

An orange by any other name would, indeed, smell just as sweet… although each different form of orange essential oil, and the oils derived from the different parts of this aromatic tree, smell a bit different — and each boasts its own unique properties and benefits!

The Twigs and Leaves: Petitgrain (Citrus aurantium var amara)

The leaves and young twig tips of the bitter orange tree give us petitgrain essential oil, which smells fresh, floral and bitter sweet. Originally, this oil was made from the unripe oranges themselves when they were still no bigger than a cherry, but this of course proved uneconomical in the long run as it removed the fruit before it could grow and ripen, decreasing the orange harvest. This is origina is where the oil got its name: “petit-grain” means little grain or little fruit.

Scent: fresh, floral, bitter sweet

Emotional and spiritual benefits: lifts the spirits, calms anxiety, helps decrease stress and depression

Mental benefits: boosts self confidence, helps with insomnia

Physical benefits: tonic and antiseptic, petitgrain clan help to clear acne, blemishes, pimples and boils. It is also antibacterial, a digestive stimulant and a sedative.

The Blossoms: Neroli (Citrus aurantium)

The blossoms of the bitter orange tree give us neroli essential oil, an energetic powerhouse that smells beautiful and is a favourite among our staff.

Scent: floral, citrus, woodsy and bitter-green notes

Emotional and spiritual benefits: a powerful emotional regulator, neroli is wonderful for softening negative or difficult feelings such as anger, grief and stress. It is used in blends that promote peace, happiness, protection and sensuality.

Physical benefits: among other things, neroli is an excellent addition to skincare applications, addressing issues such as scars and stretch marks, and appropriate for all skin types.

The Fruit: Sweet Orange and Blood Orange, Mandarin, Tangerine

While petitgrain and neroli are distilled from parts of the Bitter Orange tree, each of the fruits is the product of a different type of orange tree.

Sweet Orange and Blood Orange (Citrus sinensis)

These two lovely oils are similar but smell a bit different from one another. Sweet Orange is light and fresh with a bit of zest, like cutting into a fresh orange, while Blood Orange is a bright, juicy, sparkling top note.

While the two fruits that give us these oils share their Latin name and are closely related, Blood orange is a slightly different variety of Sweet orange.

It should be noted that Blood Orange oil is not currently available for import to Canada, and we will not be able to re-order when our current stock runs out.

Scent: fresh, juicy and sweet. Sweet orange is lighter and zestier, while Blood orange is more lush, juicier and really sparkles.

Emotional and spiritual benefits: these two oils increase positive energy and encourage joyful feelings

Mental benefits: both oils are known to foster feelings of creativity and self confidence

Physical benefits: both Blood and Sweet orange are beneficial to the skin as well as in digestion.

Mandarin (Red or Green) and Tangerine (Citrus reticulata)

The mandarin oils as well as essential oil of tangerine are cold pressed from the fruit of the mandarin tree and known for their usefulness in skincare applications, as well as their bright, cheerful scent that brings feelings of child-like joy.

Scent: sweet but tart earthy citrus. Red mandarin is sweeter, while green is more tart. Tangerine, meanwhile, lacks the earthiness of the mandarin oils.

Emotional and spiritual benefits: the mandarin oils are said to help adults communicate with their inner child, while promoting joy and happiness. Tangerine is said to promote the natural innocence of a child.

Mental benefits: Mandarin helps to cement new habits; while all three oils calm tension, nervousness and stress, and combat insomnia. Tangerine is also said to help with grief.

Physical benefits: useful in skincare to address acne, scars and stretch marks; good for oily and/or dry skin. Also helpful for digestion and as an aid for weight loss. Tangerine is also said to treat cramps (menstrual or digestive).

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