Personal Aromatherapy To Go

Personal Aromatherapy To Go

How to Use Essential Oils to Help You Through the Day

Essential oils are potent, natural tools that can help us in a variety of ways, from topical effects, to aromatherapy, to simply scenting spaces in a way that makes life more pleasant.

Aromatherapy and scent are the two simplest ways to employ the power of these plant essences. Gaining benefit from scent is a relatively low-risk, straight-forward process — it can be as simple as choosing a scent that you enjoy (in fact, that is often the best way!).

Of course, when we think of aromatherapy, we usually picture either a diffuser, or incorporating essential oils into bath products, lotions, oils and so on. But what about when you’re on the go, or literally anywhere where a diffuser just isn’t possible? 

There are several great options for utilizing aromatherapy on the go! Even better, you can garner the benefit yourself without the scent bothering others, because these options keep the scent within your bubble, just where you need it.

Personal Aromatherapy on the Go

Options for utilizing essential oils on the go include:

  • Aromatherapy jewelry: a personal favourite around here — these look great and allow you to scent however you like!
  • Personal inhalers: stylish, light, small enough to take along — these reusable inhalers feature a removable pad inside which can be replaced, allowing you to choose a different scent whenever you like.
  • Aromatic roll ons: roller bottles filled with pre-diluted essential oils allow you to apply scent directly to your skin throughout the day.

Some of our favourite essential oils for daily use:

Single notes

  1. Bergamot — a cheerful, tart scent that's known to bust stress, melt anxiety and induce feelings of happiness
  2. Lavender — "The mother of all oils," lavender is calming and balancing, comforting and stabilizing.
  3. Peppermint — a great, energizing, multi-purpose oil that smells great! Helpful for headaches and energy slumps, this oil is highly versatile.
  4. Patchouli — this grounding, sedative, aphrodisiac essential oil is incredibly useful for meditation.
  5. Jasmine 10% — this beautiful oil is beloved by many, but also very expensive. Personal aromatherapy jewelry is the perfect place to use this diluted jasmine oil, 10% in jojoba (not suitable for use in a diffuser).

Synergy blends

  1. Balance — this highly adaptable blend helps to restore emotional equilibrium no matter where you're at.
  2. Brain Boost — specially designed for stimulation and focus, this blend is perfect for school or work.
  3. Mayday — this beautiful blend is a staple for anyone who deals regularly with emotional struggles.
  4. Fire — this elemental blend warms from the inside out. Fire up your passion, ambition and enthusiasm.
  5. Zen Lotus — this delicately balanced blend of citrus and floral is our best-selling synergy blend.

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Posted by Lindsay on 2/11/2020 to Ask Your Aromatherapist