Rose Hydrosol
Latin Name:Rosa damascena

Rose hydrosol is the quintessential remedy for the emotional roller coaster of life. It is indicated for grief, anger, irritation, aggression and depression, and is comforting to those at the end of life.

Although mildly astringent, Rose is a wonderful tonic for all skin types, as it's calming to skin inflammations and cutaneous allergies. It is a menopausal ally and at the other end of life is nurturing to babies.

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Customer Reviews

4 Stars

Rose Hydrosol...

Very nice light rose fragrance. I mixed it with a little witch hazel for a hot weather spritz.

from Ontario - 7/21/2018

5 Stars

Excellent post-shave relief

I purchased this product as an after-shave skin tonic. The rose hydrosol provides instant relief to razor burn, as well as helping to close small nicks. It's refreshing to the skin, with a lovely scent of rose that's pleasant and not overwhelming. It can also be used as a body spray and natural deodorant. Rose is a time tested traditional men's shaving product scent in the British Isles and Europe. The Apothecary would do well to list it under the For Men section as rose hydrosol is not easy to find with online shaving products sites. I highly recommend this top level rose hydrosol.

from Regina, SK - 6/12/2018

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