Scrub + Mist + Houseplant Potted Arrangement with PLANT!

We are so excited to partner with our pals down the road at PLANT to bring you this collaborative workshop.

Part 1 : You’ll be joined by Katie from The Apothecary in Inglewood and learn a bit about aromatherapy, and then blend up your very own custom room mist and cane sugar body scrub. You’ll take them home to enjoy all spring long!

Part 2: Following the room spray and body scrub making, we will switch gears and our Plant Plant team will teach you tips and tricks to choosing and growing herbs at your home. We'll discuss caring for, maintaining, and harvesting herbs at home, followed by time to create a potted herb garden with step by step guidance.

All materials are included in this workshop, along with a 10% student coupon for The Apothecary.

Date: Saturday, June 15 | 10:00 am | 2 hours
Location: This workshop will take place at PlantPlant, 2501 Alyth Rd SE #5
Cost: $90

Head on over to Plant's website for more info, and to purchase tickets!

Availability: Head to Plant's website to purchase!
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