The Blending Bar at The Apothecary in Inglewood

The Blending Bar at The Apothecary in Inglewood

How Does the Blending Bar Work?

Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting Our Essential Oil Blending Bar For the First Time

You may have heard — we sell essential oils in bulk! This means that you can save on refilling your essential oil bottles if you visit us at our store front in Inglewood.

This also means that we sell essential oils by the drop, as well.

Why Buy By The Drop?

At first, the idea of buying essential oils by the drop may seem strange. However, it allows you to

  1. create your own master essential oil blends for diffusing or adding to products like massage oil, lotion and more.
  2. have us add oils by the drop to your unscented products from the Refillery. This way, you can have custom-scented shampoo, conditioner, lotion, bath salts — you get the idea.
  3. save on essential oils by only paying for what you need, rather than buying a whole bottle of something.

What Do I Need to Know Before I Visit?

You can either bring your own clean, dry containers; buy them from our packaging section; or take what you need from our free section. If you are having us mix up a master blend on its own, you will want to use a bottle made of dark coloured glass, if possible. When reusing essential oil bottles, clean well with soap and very hot water, let dry, then swish with rubbing alcohol to get the last of the residue out.

If you’re having us add oils to an unscented product, you can either bring in the product (if you already own it), or let us know before we fill your container, so we can leave a little extra space for the oil.

Please note that when the store is busy, it might take us a little while to fill your order. It’s helpful if you can drop off your recipe and/or containers and come back for them a little while later.

Which Oils are Available?

Most of the essential oils and synergy blends available here on the site are available for refilling with the exception of vetiver, cocoa absolute, benzoin and vanilla absolute (they are too thick and/or resinous to refill). If you would like to confirm whether we have a specific oil on hand, please phone us at (403) 453-0313 or email us ([email protected]).

How Much Do Essential Oils Cost By the Drop?

There is a wide range! Some oils, like eucalyptus, pink grapefruit and Japanese peppermint cost just 7 cents per drop. Others are quite expensive, like Rose Otto at $2.95 per drop. (Prices are subject to change based on market pricing.) We have a handy price guide for you to consult before you place your order.

Posted by Lindsay on 8/15/2019 to Ask Your Aromatherapist