Topical Oil Blend for Toothaches

Ouch! Are your teeth causing you major pain? Don't worry, we're not going to tell you that essential oils are the cure (they're not... get yourself to the dentist!). But diluted properly and applied topically, certain essential oils can really help to mitigate inflammation caused by dental issues, and take the edge off the pain that's happening in your mouth!

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No need to put oils directly on the gums! You can apply this roll on to your face or jaw in the area corresponding with your pain, and it will absorb through your skin and work effectively on your dental pain.

If you do want to use essential oils on the gums to numb the pain, please make sure that you are either buying a product designed for this purpose, or diluting your oils sufficiently in a carrier oil.

D.I.R (Dental Inflammation Roll-on) Recipe

For the couple of nights spent with acute dental pain before your trip to the dentist. This roll-on can help mitigate inflammation caused by dental issues. We also recommend rinsing with Peppermint/Chamomile Hydrosol blend in the AM/PM and between meals.

Mix the essential oil synergy separately from the carrier blend and allow the essential oils to combine for at least 24 hours before adding to the carrier blend in the ratio explained below. The carrier blend is appropriate for use with any physical inflammation.

D.I.R Pure essential oil synergy (5mls)

Laurel 15% (30 drops)

Myrrh 15% (30 drops)

Manuka 10% (20 drops)

Black Pepper 10% (20 drops)

Plai 15% (30 drops)

Roman Chamomile 25% (50 drops)

Clove 10% (20 drops)

Add all essential oils to brown glass bottle with orifice reducer, leave to combine for 24+ hours, then add to carrier oil blend listed below.

Anti-Inflammatory Carrier Oil Blend (makes 60mls)

Arnica 50% (30 mls)

Sunflower 40% (25 mls)

Castor 10% (5mls)

Add all listed carriers to 2oz (60ml) bottle, gently swirl to combine. Use for any & all physical inflammation.

Dental Inflammation Roll-on (makes 6 x 10 mL rollerballs)

Two separate dilutions are listed - the first, for regular use; the second, for acute pain. 

5% Dilution (acute dental pain roller)

60 drops essential oil blend

60 mls Anti-Inflammatory Carrier Oil Blend

2% Dilution (regular use)

25 drops essential oil blend

60 mls Anti-Inflammatory Carrier Oil Blend

Combine listed ingredients into Pyrex beaker, stir with non-reactive utensil, and portion out with funnel into roller balls. Cap with rollerball and lid, use as needed.

Each listed recipe makes 6 x 10ml Rollerballs

Posted by Katherine on 4/24/2018 to Recipes