WIN With the Seek Wellness Online Scavenger Hunt!

Need an autumn pick-me-up?

We have teamed up with eight other amazing Canadian businesses to create a super fun & easy online scavenger hunt! The Seek Wellness Scavenger Hunt focuses on your wellness and the $525 prize pack is chock full of goodies that will help you pamper yourself all through the winter!

Here’s the lowdown:

  1. Visit the social media streams and websites of the participating businesses to answer the clues below — be sure to keep track as you go!
  2. Email your answers and your contact information to us at [email protected].
  3. Receive your virtual goodie bag and enjoy your savings and free gifts right away.
  4. Watch for the official draw on October 19 to see whether you have won the following:
  5. Seek Wellness Online Scavenger Hunt Prize Pack

The total value of this amazing wellness and self-care prize pack is $525!

The Seek Wellness Scavenger Hunt is open to all residents of Canada over the age of 18.

Here are the clues:

You have until midnight on October 18 to send your answers to the following clues to [email protected]. Only entries with all nine clues answered correctly will be entered into the draw for the $525 prize pack. All entries will receive the virtual goodie bag via email by Thursday, October 19. You must be at least 18 years of age and live in Canada to be eligible to win.

  1. Explore to answer this clue: What size is a large snack bag?
  2. Visit to answer this clue: Who is the narrator and protagonist of your life story?
  3. Have a peek at to answer this clue: How many different all-natural and organic fruit juices and herbal extracts are found in PilotsFriend?
  4. Spend some time on the homepage at to find the answer to this clue: What is All Things Jill’s newest scent?
  5. Poke around to answer this clue: Who are the sisters behind routine. natural deodorant?
  6. Take a look at and learn the answer to this clue: Which local company does Mammoth Beard Co. source their beeswax from?
  7. To answer this clue, get over to and find the names of Purple Frog’s three aromatherapy sprays.
  8. Stretch Creations wants you to answer this clue: "Why are we called Stretch Creations?” Find the answer at HINT: Don’t just guess - the answer might surprise you!
  9. Visit the blog at to learn the answer to this clue: What is the new service we are offering at The Apothecary in Inglewood?

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Posted by Lindsay on 10/12/2017