What You’re Supporting When You Contribute to Our Crowdfunding Campaign

What You’re Supporting When You Contribute to Our Crowdfunding Campaign

In case you missed it: we are expanding our store (to nearly triple its current size!), and to top up our funds for this expansion, we are hosting a crowdfunding campaign until June 15.

You may be wondering just where the funds from this campaign will be allocated; whether we are relying on them solely to fund our expansion; and how exactly your purchase helps us when you get so much stuff for what you’re paying.

In the spirit of transparency, we’d love to tell you!

What We’ve Got

Of course, we are not relying on our crowdfunding campaign to expand the store. That is so not how we roll! In fact, we have been saving up for this for some time and this well-planned expansion is taking place no matter what. So what do we need the crowdfunding campaign for, then?

What We Want

Crowdfunding money means that we can get more amazing taps, fixtures and inventory, sooner. Some of the items we will be bringing in to the store include:

A kombucha tap: this is definitely happening as soon as we expand, so we can offer refills of Wild Tea Kombucha. Did you know that a kombucha tap costs $1000??

New Point of Sale system: this is also definitely happening. Much of what we will be adding to the store will be bulk and refills, and that means that we need to streamline and speed up our checkout process! Our new point of sale system will include an integrated scale that will allow for a far speedier checkout process, and easier taring (that’s the part where we weigh your empty container before you refill it). We will also have two dedicated checkouts!

Refrigerators: Yes, plural! One small fridge is crucial for carrier oils — we’re getting that no matter what. But if we get the money, we will go a little bigger and get a glass door refrigerator to hold carrier oils, maple syrup and hydrosols. This larger, industrial fridge costs $1500. We will get this if we reach $10,000 of our goal! Meanwhile, if we hit our $20,000 goal, we will get a nice, big, double-glass-door fridge (cost: about $3500) and fill it with MORE THINGS!!

Inventory: this expansion comes with about $50,000 in inventory spending, which we will need to do either way — we are going to have a whole lot more space to fill! However, the crowdfunding funds raised mean bringing in all that exciting inventory so much sooner; whereas, if we don’t meet our goal, it means we will have to be more conservative in our spending and bring in the goodies over time.

How Your Money Helps

We have money already, and all the crowdfunding perks you can buy are actually worth more than what you pay. So how does it help us when you purchase a crowdfunding incentive?

Well, first of all, we have some amazing friends who really believe in us and have contributed fabulous goods to this campaign to help us expand. These friends are:

All Things Jill
Brush Naked
Deane House
Devil’s Head Coffee
Inglewood Massage
KMH Touches
Nelson Naturals
Splat & Co.
Swizzlesticks Salonspa
Wild Tea Kombucha

Thanks to these generous donations, we will get a lot more funding out of each perk purchased, which is amazing! We hope that you will show these amazing, Canadian-owned companies some love because they are truly the best people.

In addition, we get crowdfunding dollars immediately, but deliver the goods to you starting in a couple of weeks (delivery time or readiness for pickup depends on the incentive). This means that we don’t have to wait for the money. Say you were going to buy those items anyway — by paying us for them now, you are providing us with money in the bank that we can use to build up our fixtures and stock sooner. If you buy the items later, it just means we wait a few months longer to get the new space fully outfitted.

Beyond the money, our crowdfunding campaign helps to spread the word about our little store in Inglewood. Refilling and zero waste living are really popular right now and everyone is talking about them (hooray!) and we want people to know that they have an option in Inglewood — that’s about to get a whole lot bigger! Even if you can’t or don’t want to contribute to our campaign, simply sharing a link to the crowdfunding page so people can learn more about us is super helpful!

Posted by Lindsay on 6/7/2019 to Events