What’s The Opposite of a Plastic Bag You Send to the Landfill?

An Upcycled Cloth Boomerang Bag That Keeps Coming Back

Thanks to a very cool organization called Boomerang Bags, we now accept fabric donations — and offer free, upcycled cloth shopping bags — in our store!

Boomerang Bags is an international organization fuelled by volunteers who sew reusable shopping bags to curb the cycle of plastic bags. People like you drop off their scrap fabric at designated drop-off points (we are one of them!) and Boomerang Bags’ volunteers create the unique, sturdy bags. Anyone who needs a bag can take one for free, and return it to any Boomerang Bags location later for someone else to use.

Take Action

  1. Bring us your scrap fabric

  2. Refuse the paper bag

  3. Proudly display your Boomerang Bag (use and peruse the hashtag #boomerangbags on Instagram to see beauties from all over!)

  4. Return your Boomerang Bag to any location

  5. Join the team!

Boomerang Bags

Posted by Lindsay on 6/14/2018 to General Info