A Deeper Dive: Devil’s Head Coffee Single Origin Beans

A Deeper Dive: Devil’s Head Coffee Single Origin Beans

When Devil’s Head Coffee roasts their single origin coffee beans, their goal is to highlight the unique flavours each region has to offer. They have packaged all single origin beans in a black bag, with a different colour for each roast, making it easily distinguishable. Yellow is Indonesia, red is Africa, and blue is South America. With Devil’s Head, you can enjoy delicious, quality coffee at a great price, all while supporting a local business. Peru and Ethiopia are the top two staff favourite single origin roasts that are enjoyed each day in shoppe, and we wanted to highlight our favourites, and dive a little deeper into why we love them so much.

Peru – Juan Marco

These dark roast beans come from an agricultural COOP known as the Juan Marco Cooperative in Northern Peru, which brings 200 small farmers together to help get their coffee to the market. The coffee beans are grown at an altitude of 1400-1600 m and sun dried on a patio. With tasting notes of caramel and cocoa, this coffee is perfect for someone looking for a sip that is bold while remaining super smooth. The recommended brewing methods are drip and French press.

Guatemala – Atitlan Chochajau

This fully washed and sun-dried coffee is cultivated near Lake Atitlan in Guatemala’s highlands by 27 producers under one farm operation. These beans are a light/medium roast grown at an altitude of 1600m, with tasting notes of peach, almond, raisins, and chocolate. The recommended brewing method for this coffee is espresso, pour over or drip to ensure a smooth, delicious, and balanced cup!

Rwanda – Lake Kivu

This medium roast coffee is grown at an altitude of 1850 – 2100m, and is best enjoyed using an espresso or pour over brewing method. With tasting notes of orange, sweet dried fruit, and chocolate, these beans are well bodied and vibrant, and reflect the culture of this native growing region. Better coffee cherry selection, processing and sorting have helped to create the foundation that the BUF CAFÉ sorting station has become renowned for.

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