Sayula Agave Body Exfoliating Cloth

This body exfoliating cloth (formally the polisher cloth) is handknit in the Mexican countryside from the leaves of the maguey agave.

Love your shower loofah but hate that it's made from plastic? The Sayula Agave Body Exfoliating Cloth is the perfect zero-waste swap! Ideal for stimulating and gently exfoliating skin, the hand-knit agave fibers of this cloth become super soft when wet. Even better, this product is fully compostable and biodegradable — which means it's a better choice than your bacteria-filled loofah for both you AND the environment!


20 x 20 cm
Hang to dry after use
Fibers expand and soften when wet

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars


Simple but so effective! It dries quickly and is nice and thin so it never smells mildewy or holds moisture. My arms are so soft now!

from Calgary - 3/9/2021

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