An Atlas of Natural Beauty

The perfect gift book from Paris’s iconic apothecary L’Officine Universelle Buly captures the elegance and sophistication of the Parisian beauty standards in a beautifully illustrated and detailed guide, complete with easy-to-follow recipes aimed at retaining and enhancing your natural beauty.

“Nothing is simpler, more enjoyable, more self-evident, or more efficient than taking good, natural care of yourself” — this is the philosophy of L’Officine Universelle Buly, a reincarnation of the legendary Parisian beauty emporium established in 1803. Since then, it has brought natural skin and body care to seven cities across the world, offering clays, oils, plant-based powders and other gifts from nature collected by Victoire de Taillac and Ramdane Touhami over the course of their international travels. An Atlas of Natural Beauty is the result of their research and passion; it is an encyclopedic guide to simple recipes and protocols that will help anyone retain and enhance their natural beauty.

This exquisitely designed book allows you to sample Buly’s unique aesthetic heritage as a French apothecary and discover the modern uses, properties and home beauty recipes of more than eighty seeds, flowers, oils, trees, fruits and herbs. From apricot and avocado to argan oil, jasmine, and jojoba, each ingredient is accompanied by a gorgeous illustration, its providence, its primary use and recipes for how to use it as a beauty solution. These ingredients are easy to find, and the recipes are easy to replicate, whether you'll be making a simple oat bath to smooth skin, a sake lotion for your scalp, or a lemon “shine water” to brighten blonde hair. An Atlas of Natural Beauty is the perfect gift for newcomers and experts alike, empowering us all to take care of ourselves and feel confident in our skin.

About the Authors

Victoire de Taillac and his wife Ramdane Touhami are the owners of L’Officine Universelle Buly and currently live in Tokyo. Entrepreneurs, art collectors and designers, Taillac and Touhami are an artistic Parisian powerhouse who live in an impossibly stylish apartment (recently featured in Vogue and Stella Magazine) with their beautiful children. They launched L’Officine Universelle Buly in 2014, a beauty products brand that is sold at international locations as well as Net-a-Porter/Mr Porter. An Atlas of Natural Beauty is their first book.

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