Balanced Being: Self-Love Through Nutrition, Movement, and Mindfulness

Balanced Being: Self-Love Through Nutrition, Movement, and Mindfulness

With it being the start of a new year, and Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we want to take a moment to stop and think about the importance of practicing acts of self-love! In the fast-paced world that we live in, we strive to make time for physical fitness and trending beauty routines, but often struggle to find time to slow down to reflect and nurture the inner workings of the mind, body & soul. Here, we explore some alternative practices that can be incorporated into your everyday life to prioritize your wellbeing this year.

Mindful nutrition is a solid place to start when looking to improve your health. Limiting processed foods and choosing whole foods, understanding portion sizes, expressing gratitude for the source of your food, and listening to your body when you feel hungry and need fuel are all crucial steps to ensure you are being nurtured from the inside out. Consuming a colourful array of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins as well as your favourite supplements and ferments will keep your gut happy! Water is also essential for healthy bodily functions, as maintaining proper hydration levels supports everything from skin health to digestion.

Exercise with intention when you move your body. Choosing activities that you genuinely enjoy doing is incredibly important for your mind and body. Move in a way that feels good, and push yourself to achieve personal goals. It is truly amazing what the human body can accomplish. Many people choose to engage in activities such as yoga, hiking, dancing or weightlifting, this comes from exploring and discovering which physical activity sparks a fire in your soul. This does not have to look like simply "going to the gym."

Cultivate a healthy mind and prioritize mental health as this is a crucial factor in your overall well-being. Practice mindfulness, meditation and doing things with intention. Find time to relax by engaging in activities you enjoy such as art, reading, spending time in nature or even taking a hot bath. Shut your mind off in a positive way where you are still engaging in activities that provide you a serotonin boost, and not the brain numbing endless scrolling through social media. Journaling could also be extremely beneficial as this is an amazing outlet to express how you are feeling and gives you a chance to sit back and reflect.

Finally, ensuring you are reaching adequate levels of rest and sleep is an act of self-love to prioritize. Restorative sleep not only helps you feel a whole lot better when your body is tired and you are feeling burned out, but it also enhances cognitive function and emotional resilience. Young children will often have a scheduled "nap time", but adults tend to struggle to find the time to get to bed early, or truly relax and make sure they are recharging with sleep.

Making subtle changes in your day to day routine may not feel like much, but when habits form and healthier lifestyle choices are being made, you are embarking on a transformative journey toward a life filled with balance, vitality, and genuine self-love. Be the best version of you, not only for you, but for the people around you.

Posted by Ryliegh on 2/5/2024