Better Periods with Revol Cares

Better Periods with Revol Cares

Revol Cares started with founder Sara Jonsdottir being fed up with “dealing” with her period. Utilizing her technical fashion degree, she developed undies that can protect even the heaviest of bleeders.

These ground-breaking undies are sustainable, breathable, full coverage, and PFAS-Free while providing 12-hour all-day/night protection. Each undie design has four protective layers, with a breathable lining AND leakproof protection. Revol Cares’ most protective underwear can handle an ultra-heavy flow that requires changing every 1.5-2 hours.

These undies also come in different flow options, so you can ensure you get the right absorbency by choosing from light, regular, super, super plus & ultra. Styles include: thong, high-waisted, shorts, and a bikini brief!

It is hard to pick a favourite, but we love The Freya. These are high-rise, leakproof undies with peek-a-boo mesh siding and a double-lined waistband. The leakproof protection runs up the front and the back of the undies - the four-way pad holds up to 45ml of liquid. Designed using a comfortable bamboo blend, they are breathable, comfortable, and naturally antimicrobial!

Revol Cares’ mission is to show people and the world that everyone deserves high-quality leakproof care, regardless of size, gender identity, or flow. Although switching to reusables can save you money in the long run, Revol Cares recognizes that the undies may not be affordable to everyone. With a commitment to inclusivity, they created a low-income assistance program to make period care more widely accessible.

Stop in-store or shop online May 8-21 to get 15% off all Revol Cares undies!

Posted by Ryliegh on 4/27/2023 to Products