Pepper, Black essential oil (organic)
Latin Name:Piper nigrum
Country:Sri Lanka
Method:steam distilled
Description: This spicy, warm and sexy (it is considered an aphrodisiac) oil comes all the way from its native land of East Asia. The spice has been used medicinally and in culinary preparations for over 4,000 years! This tasty spice has been used all across the globe; Ayurvedic and Chinese doctors have used black pepper for over 1,000 years to treat malaria and cholera and relieve digestive difficulties. The ancient Egyptians used the spice in cooking and therapeutic ways. Black pepper was even found in the nostrils and abdomen of Ramses II, which means it was used in the embalming process! In medieval England it was used in charms and amulets for protection. Even Buddhist monks would carry peppercorns with them on long journies through the Himalayan Mountains to alleviate hunger and give them strength.

Black pepper is both a mental stimulant and a physical energizer. This is the oil for anyone who is often daydreaming and falling asleep when focus and concentration are needed. Certainly black pepper is a beautiful oil to add in any meditation or concentration blend as a motivator. The oil will warm any physical or emotional coldness, provide comfort and help one move forward when feeling stuck and dealing with mental and emotional blocks. We also love diffusing it while studying, driving a vehicle and for cleaning the house!

Black pepper is noted with having fluidifying, antalgic, analgesic, odontalgic (dental neuralgia), aphrodisiac, antiseptic, expectorant, digestive stimulating and pain relieving qualities. The essential oil is very warming, though, if used in very small amounts can actually help to bring down a fever.

Contraindications: May cause redness on sensitive skin. Use with caution and care in bath and massage applications. Will cause skin sensitization if oil has oxidized and too much too often may over-stimulate resulting in irritation and damage to the kidneys. 

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars

Pretty awesome

Ordered some oils that help reduce cigarette cravings for my boyfriend. Can't say they've done that yet, but him and the house smell fantastic

from Calgary - 10/17/2021

5 Stars

First timer with Black Pepper Oil

Another awesome oil, not too intense which was a nice surprise as I had never used this oil before. I've been using it paired with Grapefruit in an inhaler to help with my boyfriends cravings as he is on week two of quitting smoking. He's been responding really well to it, spicy enough yet pairs great with other oils, really clean and crisp smell.

from Grande Prairie - 4/6/2017

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