Five Master Blends That Are Perfect For Fall

Five Master Blends That Are Perfect For Fall

Though there are two weeks until fall officially begins, back-to-school always puts us in the mood... plus, there is no denying that chill in the air in the evening! Around here, we absolutely love fall. It means delicious hot drinks; crisp, cool air; spooky stories and wearing jeans whenever we want.

Here are five of our favourite essential oil blends for the season:

Take it Easy: Chai Tea Master Blend

This blend offers everything chai can give you, short of drinking a steaming mug of it! Warmth, that lovely spice, relaxation, and a bit of uplifting citrus. Try it in the diffuser or in Epsom salts for a luscious fall bath.


Mondays can be rough. Especially when you're just adjusting to getting back to the grind.

Here's a blend to help you get through the day, or at least out of bed.This works out to 10 drops, so blend it directly in the diffuser, or create yourself a roll on by creating a master blend first, then placing 4 drops in a roller ball with a carrier oil. This is a safe dilution if you wish to apply the blend to the hair line. Go up to 10 drops if applying to pulse points away from the face.

We've included grapefruit for dealing with exhaustion and emotional stiffness; basil for mental fatigue, headaches, stress, tension and mental & physical sluggishness and to aid in concentration; eucalyptus radiata for headaches, sluggishness and mental fatigue; geranium to help with depression, nervous fatigue, stress and anxiety; and peppermint to really help the blend blossom and to provide relief from fatigue, headaches and apathy.

Hyperactivity - Anxiety - Panic Master Blend

If you struggle day to day with staying on task, maintaining focus or keeping your energy balanced through-out the day, this blend is for you. Perfect for students transitioning to those full days back in the classroom. This blend is designed to help keep you grounded and focused during the day. 

Add drops directly into a roller ball, fill to the shoulder with Jojoba or Coconut oil, leave to combine for 24 hours, then use throughout your day as needed. (NOTE: If making for someone under the age of 10, cut the number of drops of each essential oil in half to reduce dose.)

Cozy Sweater

This blend is perfect for the fall season. Try using for a gentle massage (3% dilution in a carrier oil) or diffused in the air. Ginger and Black Pepper give this blend the warmth of a bulky sweater. A sensation of coziness is added by the balancing and uplifting Cedarwood and Tangerine.

Samhain Remembrance Blend

Sandra Kynes writes in Mixing Essential Oils for Magic: “This blend consists of the oils… that I use at Samhain. As a resin oil, myrrh has the attribute of healing. It is also associated with the dead and the afterlife. Niaouli’s contribution as a twigs and leaves oil is balance. It is also associated with the emotions and healing. As a root oil, ginger is associated with the Otherworld/Underworld as well as stability. Ginger is also associated with memories. Additionally, the scent of ginger brings an uplifting quality that feels appropriate for me when remembering and honoring my loved ones who have passed to the Otherworld.”

Posted by Lindsay on 9/10/2018 to Diffuser Blends

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