5 Ways to Welcome Spring

5 Ways to Welcome Spring

It’s the first week of spring, and somehow, it feels even more glorious than usual! Perhaps because the small things stand out more than ever; or because a winter in quarantine was much harder to take than most winters we’ve experienced in our lives; or because we missed the beginning of spring in 2020 as we were too busy reeling from the newly escalated pandemic.

Whatever the reason, we feel it’s fitting to celebrate the arrival of spring even more than we normally would this year. Here are our favourite ideas for how to do that!

1. Clean All The Things!

Even if you don’t relish cleaning, it’s hard to deny that tidying, cleaning or tying up loose ends can be so very satisfying and freeing. Choose a task that feels both achievable and rewarding to YOU, and indulge in some spring cleaning to acknowledge the new season.

If that means cleaning all the surfaces, and nooks & crannies in your home, great! Spring cleaning is more enjoyable when you love the scent of your products (and they’re not laden with harmful chemicals). For this reason, we recommend checking out Sapadilla. They make plant-based, earth-friendly cleaners scented with really lovely combinations of essential oils, and we sell them in bulk in our refillery (and Mobile Refillery) so that cleaning doesn’t equal more garbage! Choose from dish soap, laundry liquid, countertop cleanser, liquid hand soap and all-purpose cleaner in Grapefruit + Bergamot, Lavender + Lime or Rosemary + Mint. Pssst… these are 15% off until March 29, 2021! Available in the store or through our Mobile Refillery.

Traditional spring cleaning not your thing? You can still get that same rewarding feeling! How about choosing one thing to clean that offers a big reward for a small investment? Try shining up your sinks; wiping your walls, door frames and/or light switch plates; wiping down your baseboards; or cleaning the fridge. We also loving washing and vacuuming the car as a chore that's fun to do on a sunny day, with the car radio blasting, and all the doors open!

Or, try a digital clean instead, and clear out your phone, computer, email — or friends list.

One final option — if a mind, body and spirit spring cleaning sounds more appealing, you might want to check out our Spring Seasonal Box, which was curated with just that goal in mind!

2. Sprout Some Seeds

This might be the springiest thing of all! There is nothing quite like watching new sprouts pop up out of the soil to fill us with hope for upcoming warm weather.

There are a few ways you can get this wonderful feeling: start seeds indoors to plant outside later; sow early-start seeds directly into the soil; or grow sprouts for eating, right in your kitchen.

If starting seeds indoors to plant out into the garden later, we recommend using containers that would normally go in the garbage or recycling, that can also be planted right in the ground. This includes newspaper, toilet paper rolls, cardboard egg cartons (if you don’t have a chicken farmer to return them to) or even citrus rinds. For a ton of ideas like this, check out this post from Sustainability Made Easier. If you have recently purchased any makeup refills from Elate Cosmetics, you can plant your seed paper packaging and have flowers later!

Some seeds, like spinach, kale and peas, can be planted in the soil as soon as the soil is workable (read: not frozen solid). If you have a garden area or even pots to place outside, check your seed packets to find the seeds that fit this criteria.

Want more instant gratification? Get micro-greens in just a few days by sprouting seeds in a Mason jar! Check out all the sprouting seed options from Canada’s own Mumm’s! Grab a seed sprouting lid to make it even easier.

3. Set a Waste Reduction Goal

Setting a goal is a great way to welcome a new season, and with Earth Month and Earth Day coming up in April, waste reduction is a perfect place to focus! “Zero waste” can be an intimidating goal, but the truth is that any reduction in waste output is positive.

One fun way to do this is to sign up for, or create, a month-long challenge and take one action each day. You can easily do this with this 31-day plan from Zero-Waste Chef, or this new-parent-friendly list of 25 actions from Today’s Parent.

One of the most obvious actions you can take is to buy anything you can in bulk. If you have a local refillery, check out their offerings to see which ones make sense for you. Here in Calgary, our refillery features herbs, spices, dry goods (like baking supplies, candy, dried beans, grains and more), bath products, cleaning products and more. Our bulk cleaning products from Sapadilla are 15% off until March 29 — a perfect place to start!

4. Prepare for the Outdoors

It’s that time of year — the time when we can again begin to enjoy the beautiful weather outside, whether that means our favourite outdoor sport, or enjoying a beverage on the patio.

After a long winter, though, it can be disorienting to start dressing and preparing for the warm weather again.

The number one thing we all tend to forget at the start of the spring season is sunscreen. Who hasn’t had that initial sunburn in April or May? Get ready now and get into the habit of wearing sunscreen!

Another way to get ready for outdoor season is to pull out your outdoor gear (camping gear; sporting goods; summer clothes) and take stock. What needs cleaning or repair? What’s missing? Get organized now so that when that first hot day hits, you’re ready to go!

Of course, these days we are all sticking pretty close to home. All the better reason to clean up your outdoor space, if you have one! Sweep the terrace, deck or balcony; replenish candles or hang lights; pull out and clean the patio furniture. Add a warm blanket so you can enjoy the space while it’s still a bit chilly out. If there’s an especially nice day, mix up a pitcher of cocktails and sip in your clean, cozy outdoor space!

5. Choose a Spring Scent

Scent is such an evocative sense, making it a perfect thing to switch out with the seasons. Spring calls to mind floral scents, in anticipation of coming blooms; citrus scents that remind us of the sun; refreshing mints; and earthy scents that call to mind snow melting on a forest path.

Here are some of our favourite single notes and blends in those categories:

Get the most out of your fragrance by layering several, lightly scented products

You could even coordinate your cleaners with your personal scent! Choose based on your desired mood; breathe deeply; and enjoy the sense of calm that washes over you.

Want to feel uplifted, calm and cheerful? Pair Grapefruit + Bergamot products from Sapadilla with Sunflower Citrus synergy blend or Sunflower Citrus-scented products from All Things Jill.

How about de-stressed, soothed and balanced? Lavender + Lime products from Sapadilla will do the trick, especially if paired with this master blend of essential oils.

Or maybe you’d like to feel stimulated, refreshed and focused. Rosemary and mint are perfect for this, making Sapadilla products in Rosemary + Mint an easy match. Excite-mint Mint synergy blend pairs well, as does a Charcoal + Mint bar soap or this Rosemary + Mint shampoo bar.

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