8 Clever Things You Can Do With Honey Candles Beeswax

8 Clever Things You Can Do With Honey Candles Beeswax


A gift from our friends the bees, beeswax is a natural product that can be used in place of many synthetic waxes. A byproduct of the honey harvesting process, beeswax is formed by worker honeybees (you can see how beeswax is processed here). It requires no chemical processing, additives or dedicated land use to produce, and it burns brighter and cleaner than any other wax. This beloved DIY material can be used alone or with other ingredients. The best part? It never expires!

Beeswax is just one of the many natural products produced by Honey Candles, a company based just north of Kaslo, BC. Honey Candles produces handmade beeswax candles and blocks with 100% pure beeswax harvested from Canadian apiaries.

This wonderful, natural ingredient can be used for a variety of DIY and household projects, including craft making, polishing furniture, waterproofing shoes, and so much more! Below, we tackle 8 cool things you can do with beeswax in your home.

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Shoe polish

Sidewalk salt season is almost here! A big part of sustainability is ensuring you take care of your belongings, so prep your leather boots for the winter with a healthy dose of DIY shoe polish.

Beeswax crayons

Not only are these homemade beeswax crayons absolutely adorable and a fun little project, but they ensure that what your child is putting in their hands (and let's be honest, their mouth) is safe. And you can custom blend your own colours with natural pigments!

Furniture polish

Wooden furniture is beautiful, but to keep it stain and squeak-free you need to polish it. This non-toxic DIY wood polish is child and pet-safe and will have your furniture looking flawless.

Beeswax wraps

A fun and easy DIY beeswax recipe is beeswax wraps! These are wonderful sustainable replacements for plastic wrap, and when you make your own you can use whatever pattern suits your fancy! There are many tutorials online, however we like this one, as it uses jojoba oil and pine resin for extra stickiness. Not into DIY? We have many beeswax wraps available in store.

Waterproofing Shoes

Canvas shoes are cute, but wet feet are not. Rubbing a block of beeswax on your canvas shoes and heating it gently with a hair dryer is an easy fix to keeping your feet warm and dry.




Of course, we had to include candles! Ever thought of trying your hand at candle making? Candle making is a fun activity to do with friends and family, and you can get creative with different molds and scents! You can find beeswax, essential oils, and wicks to make candles at our online store, or save the time and shop pre-made candles here.


Waxing Zippers

Running a block of beeswax along the teeth of zippers makes them zip smoother, and can help prevent them from getting stuck.

Preventing Rust

You can rub beeswax onto the metal of outdoor tools such as shovels to seal it from moisture and prevent rust. Buff off excess with a cloth after.

Whether it’s DIY gifts or just home maintenance, beeswax can be very handy to have around. If you’re an avid DIYer or just looking for some sustainable solutions you can shop a variety of beeswax and beeswax products here.

Posted by Rosie on 10/28/2021 to Ingredients