Embrace an Elixir Routine to Suit Your Needs

Embrace an Elixir Routine to Suit Your Needs

How These Adaptogen-Packed Elixirs Can Improve Your Daily Life

Most of us have a beverage ritual that we love. Coffee is a common one, as is tea, and of course alcohol figures in prominently as well. We can tweak these rituals to make them healthier, and sometimes we can even replace them with a healthy substitute that we end up loving even more!

Harmonic Arts makes a comprehensive range of elixirs which can be made on their own or mixed into your existing favourite drink, as well as two restorative blends which make wonderful add-ons to the elixirs, another beverage or even a smoothie or oatmeal.

But how to choose the best option for you? Truthfully, most of us could use at least a couple of these adaptogen-packed blends. Here are some key details gathered from ingredients, our own testing (tough job!) and customer reviews that should help you choose!

Choose Your Elixir


**For chocolate lovers; warming spice

Featured herbs: heirloom raw Ecuadorian cacao; lucuma; maca; chaga; reishi; shilajit; cinnamon

Benefits: enhances mood; nourishes skin; encourages hormonal health; boosts body’s defence system; energizes the body; stimulates healthy blood flow

This rich, creamy and delicious chocolate-cinnamon-spice drink is great hot or cold. Designed to melt away stress and activate senses, it can be enjoyed hot with your favourite milk or milk substitute, and is wonderful cold with coconut milk and honey, or in a smoothie with frozen banana, coconut milk and honey.

5 Mushroom Chocolate

**For chocolate lovers

Featured herbs: reishi; chaga; lion’s mane; cordyceps; turkey tail; raw cacao

Benefits: heart and mind grounding; boost body’s defence system; enhances focus and motivation; builds strength and stamina; restorative; live-supportive

This restorative, nourishing hot cocoa is decadent and chocolatey, a perfect treat to reward yourself after the best or worst of days or anything in between. Though this mix contains a bit of coconut sugar, some like to add a little honey for additional sweetness. 5 Mushroom Chocolate is delicious when made with coconut milk right out of the can: add coconut milk to cup, spoon 5 Mushroom Chocolate powder on top, and whisk well before adding hot water for a delicious, frothy cup of cocoa. Add Radiance Restorative Blend for additional stress-busting super powers and a healthy glow.

Golden Mylk

**Warming spice

Featured herbs: turmeric; ashwagandha; turkey tail; ginger; white pepper

Benefits: soothing to the body and mind; supports stress management; restorative; gut-balancing, stimulates and enhances digestion

You may have heard of Golden Mylk/Milk or Turmeric Lattes — they’re all the rage! That’s because this soothing, warming blend features turmeric prominently, and turmeric has been shown to have strong anti-inflammatory properties along with a host of other benefits. With a unique, spicy flavour, this elixir is tasty blended with your favourite milk or milk substitute. Perfect to relax and reset, this blend is soothing, calming and warming. We love to enjoy it made with coconut milk, cocoa butter and a bit of honey, right before bed, in a warm bath. Add a dash of cinnamon for additional warming.


**Warming spice

Featured herbs: lion’s mane; Mucuna Pruriens; lotus pollen; green tea pollen; lucuma; cardamom

Benefits: enhances focus and memory; supports stress management and mood; nourishes body and mind; beautifies skin; stimulates and harmonizes digestion

Made with coconut cream powder, this creamy cardamom drink is a unique way to practice some self love and is designed to help elevate your mood and enhance your focus. Try it with oat milk! Elevate Elixir pairs well with the Resilience Restorative Blend.


Featured herbs: chaga; ramon nut; roasted yerba mate; dandelion; sarsaparilla

Benefits: boosts the body’s defence system; nutrient rich; energizes the body; enhances digestion and detoxification; supports hormones and liver function.

This robust coffee substitute was designed to help you start your day, with the full-bodied flavour of ramon nut and cacao, and a range of herbs to boost your energy in a stable way. Reviews on the Harmonic Arts website suggest that some people find this blend helpful with migraines. Add a bit of honey for sweetness; or if you like the benefits but not the flavour, try blending it into a smoothie!

Matcha Mind

Featured herbs: matcha tea; lion’s mane; moringa; green tea pollen; Mucuna Pruriens

Benefits: improves clarity and focus; supports memory and brain health; nutritive and energy boosting; nourishes body and mind; stress and mood support.

This mentally refreshing, mood-boosting blend is described by many who try it as the best matcha blend they’ve tried. Enthusiasts appreciate that it doesn’t contain any added sugar. Try it with cashew milk and coconut oil! Some like to add maca powder for an extra boost of energy and stamina.

Add a Restorative Blend for an Extra Boost

The Restorative Blends will not generally be enjoyed on their own but offer wonderful additional benefits to your elixir, your morning coffee or smoothie, or even oatmeal or baking.

Resilience Restorative Blend

Use for adrenal support; to boost energy and libido; and to build strength and stamina.

Featured herbs: pine pollen; reishi; cordyceps; Fo-Ti

Benefits: promote stamina and hormonal balance; ground the heart and mind; balance energy and adrenal function; enhance longevity and libido

Pairs well with Elevate Elixir.

Radiance Restorative Blend

Use for hormone support, stress balance and obtaining a healthy glow.

Featured herbs: shatavari; schisandra; ashwagandha; brown seaweed extract

Benefits: supports reproductive health and stress management; maintains and optimizes vitality; encourages a healthy gut

Pairs well with 5 Mushroom Chocolate or a chai latte.

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