Touch Your Armpits: The How and Why of Natural Deodorants

Touch Your Armpits: The How and Why of Natural Deodorants

Show Those Armpits Some Love!

Aluminum zirconium & chlorohydrate. Butyl-, methyl- and propylaparabens. Triclosan. Propylene Glycol.

They’re ingredients we see on the label of our conventional deodorants. We might not know what they are, or we might already be aware that they’re not all that great for us.

This was the experience of Neige Blair, one of the sisters behind Calgary’s own routine, before she decided to take matters into her own hands. Neige began selling her all-natural, handcrafted deodorants at Market Collective here in Calgary in 2012, and it wasn’t long before her sister-in-law Pippa joined her and they started the now famous routine.

routine might be the rockstar of the deodorant world, now, but it all began with simple, natural, healthy ingredients that are good for your armpits and your body. Because at the heart of their business, above all else, Neige and Pippa and their routine team want you to show your armpits some love — and that starts with quality ingredients!

Ingredients to Avoid

So what do you NOT want in your deodorant — and on your armpits? The following four ingredients are commonly found in conventional deodorants and are good to keep an eye out for. Here’s why:

Aluminum zirconium (or by its full name, aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex glycine complex) scores a 3-4 on the Environmental Working Group’s Skindeep Database, our go-to for ingredient safety information. This score indicates a moderate hazard. Aluminum zirconium has been banned or found unsafe for use in cosmetics in the US, and restricted in cosmetics in Canada.  Source 

Aluminum chlorohydrate is rated a 2-3 (depending on usage) and as a “toxic or harmful” ingredient, it is restricted in cosmetics in Canada. Source 

Triclosan is not only a toxic endocrine disrupter, it is also harmful to the environment and wildlife as an environmental toxin that is bioaccumulative. It is rated a 7 (high hazard) on the Skindeep Database. Source 

Propylene glycol is another toxic ingredient that has been classified as a skin irritant, and is also a penetration enhancer — a real issue when a product contains this ingredient in combination with other toxic ingredients. Source 

routine. natural deodorants also do not contain parabens, although these suspected carcinogens are not commonly found in most deodorants in North America. 

What to Look for Instead

Olive oil is a staple in natural skin products for good reason! It’s rich in antioxidants and vitamins A, D, E and K, and is easily absorbed, meaning the product won’t just sit on top of the skin (and rub off on your clothes).

Shea butter is the ultimate moisturizer! It also evens skin tone, prevents bacteria on the skin and facilitates healing.

Coconut oil relieves dry, itchy skin and locks in moisture. It is also antibacterial and improves the texture of skin, two properties that really work well in the armpit area.

Kaolin clay absorbs impurities and detoxes odor-causing bacteria without stripping skin’s moisture.

Calendula is our favourite natural ingredient for soothing skin! It’s anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.

Baking soda is naturally aluminum-free, and super at controlling odour.

Magnesium is a perfect replacement for baking soda for folks with sensitive skin. It also aids in relaxing the armpits, which the folks at Routine tell us can “fend off those woeful stress sweats!”

Activated charcoal detoxifies and neutralizes pH.

Prebiotics keep your skin healthy.


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