My Menstrual Cup is Done: Now What?

My Menstrual Cup is Done: Now What?

Are You Due to Replace Your Menstrual Cup?

Here’s How to Know, and What to Do With It If Its Time Has Come

Silicone menstrual cups are amazing, both because they work really really well and because they can last for years if cared for properly. That initial $40 investment more than pays for itself!

We’ve turned to the experts at DivaCup to learn how to make a menstrual cup really last; how to tell when it’s time to replace your menstrual cup; and how to dispose of it when the time comes. Here’s what we learned!

Make Your Menstrual Cup Last

You can prolong the life of your menstrual cup by cleaning it properly! Know what to use and more importantly, what NOT to use when caring for your DivaCup.

On a daily basis, you will use warm water and a mild, unscented, oil-free soap (not Castile) to clean your DivaCup. You should always use potable water (water suitable for drinking) to clean your cup.

Before initial use, and after each period if you’d like, it’s fine to boil your DivaCup. Boil for 5-10 minutes in a metal pot, and make sure not to leave unattended as you don’t want to let it burn! Boiling between periods isn’t necessary, but simply an option if you wish.

Getting grungy in the nooks and crannies? An old toothbrush is the best way to getting into the little air holes.

You should never use oil; oil-based soap; soap with fragrance; rubbing alcohol; hydrogen peroxide; or bleach on your DivaCup.

DivaCup washing in a bathtub

Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Menstrual Cup

  • Foul odour
  • Heavy staining
  • A white powder or any flaking on the cup
  • Any tears or cracks on the rim or stem
  • A grainy texture
  • Sudden leaking where it hasn’t been experienced before

There are a few other reasons you might need to replace your cup, and these include:

  • You used harsh cleaning agents on your cup (oil, fragranced soap, rubbing alcohol, peroxide or bleach)
  • You dropped your cup in the toilet
  • It’s the wrong fit

RIP Menstrual Cup

So you’ve determined that your silicone menstrual cup has reached the end of its life. Now what?

Your first option is to cut it up and throw it away. The DivaCup cannot go in the standard recycling bin, but over time it will biodegrade in the landfill.

But get this! Your other option is to sign up for DivaCup’s dedicated recycling program! If you’re in Canada or the US, and you use the DivaCup, you have the option of sending it in for recycling when it’s done. How cool is that!?


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