Your November 2021 Astrology Forecast

Your November 2021 Astrology Forecast

Our resident witch, Faust, has conjured up an Astrological Forecast to determine how November will be treating you based on your ascendant (rising sign). Read on to learn more about what this month has in store for you!


This Month at a Glance

November begins with a new moon in Scorpio. The first week of November brings with it a fresh burst of energy that quickly becomes frustrated by the Mars-Saturn Square on the 8th. This is a very tense time, and many people will find themselves grinding to finish deadlines, delaying critical projects or otherwise feeling frustrated. Mars and Uranus are in opposition on the 19th. This time is particularly tricky, as Uranus’ spontaneity and Mars’ aggression can cause unexpected outbursts, supply-chain issues, and general havoc.

The middle of the month is extremely tense. Additionally, Venus moves into Capricorn this month where she will remain until mid-December, causing a deadly seriousness in the air. The lunar eclipse in Taurus on the 19th will be the start of a new theme in everyone's life, depending on their rising sign. Things begin to relax at the end of the month as the sun moves into Sagittarius on the 21st, with Mercury on the 24th . This transition will give everyone some time to breathe.


Overall, the best strategies this month will involve careful planning and stress mitigation. Absolutely DO NOT send passive aggressive emails! There is much inflammation and anything that soothes the mind and body is good medicine.



Plan your spending carefully. There is a lot of impulsiveness in the air and the eclipse is hitting your finances hard.



You may feel like your sense of self is in question this month, especially if you are experiencing tension in your relationships. Communication is key.



Take time to grieve everything you have lost this year. You may even feel rage. Be mindful of the process.



You’re in a great position to handle things well this month. You have a lot of creative energy. Remember to set deadlines and stick to them.



You want to get along with others. Don’t forget to set clear boundaries between your home and work life.



There’s so much running around to do and no time to enjoy yourself. If you were thinking of going back to school, it might be closer on the horizon than you think.


Take care of any pressing financial matters before indulging in more self-care. Don’t avoid your responsibilities: you may learn to love taking care of business.



Stressors aside, you’ve got the energy to get things done. Other people are here to help you. Lean on your community.



You may find that tension manifests as health problems. Listen to what your body needs.



Everything this month is about love and pleasure. If you want to create something new, you’ll have to think differently even though it is uncomfortable.



Just as you have the capacity to do everything in your career, there are big disruptions at home. Make sure you have a friend to talk to — that might be all you need.



You keep getting wrapped up in how others see you, but this isn’t your responsibility. Try not to take criticism personally. This is a chance to see a new perspective.

Posted by Faust on 11/9/2021 to Astrology