5 Diffuser Blends for Stressful Times

If you are already finding yourself rushing around to stores; worrying about your bank account balance; overbooked with holiday commitments and celebrations... you're not alone. Of course you likely already know that and wish you were alone as you ride up the crowded escalator. The following blends are helpful to diffuse when you make it safely back home or to the office, or to put in a portable diffuser (such as a necklace, inhaler or even a car diffuser). Choose the blend that best matches your mental state and breathe deeply!
Posted by The Apothecary Team on 11/24/2017 to Diffuser Blends

Shifting the Way You Shop and Live

Shifting the Way You Shop and Live
Adopting a new lifestyle or making major changes to your existing one isn’t something that can happen overnight, and making changes to reduce your impact on the earth is no different.
Posted by Jill Hawker on 11/1/2017 to General Info