Strains, Sprains & Overuse Pain

Living with the pain of a strain, sprain or overuse can be frustrating. Physiotherapy, following the advice of your doctor or medical practitioner and a lot of patience and rest are key! While you’re taking these steps, though, certain essential oils and even specific carrier oils can help to reduce inflammation and therefore pain. So let’s talk about treating pain and inflammation, and how to use cold compresses as part of the process.
Posted by Katherine on 7/26/2018 to Ask Your Aromatherapist

Three Diffuser Blends to Perk Up Your Petals!

Three Diffuser Blends to Perk Up Your Petals!
Hot? Humid? Feeling wilted? Here are three diffuser blends to perk you right up!
Posted by Katie on 7/24/2018 to Diffuser Blends

Easy Facial Scrubs You Can Mix Up in the Kitchen

Easy Facial Scrubs You Can Mix Up in the Kitchen
Though not necessary every day, exfoliating your face using a gentle scrub is the perfect way to remove dry, dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. A natural, homemade scrub can also be used daily in place of a cleanser. 
Posted by Lindsay on 7/19/2018 to Recipes

Ask Your Aromatherapist: Lesser-Known Oils for Relaxation and Meditation

When you want to meditate, you want to focus yourself, still your thoughts and become more present. Here are some oils that will help you do just that.
Posted by Katherine on 7/16/2018 to Ask Your Aromatherapist

Celebrate Simplicity Day With These Amazing Resources

July 12 is Simplicity Day, and we are all for keeping things simple! Here at The Apothecary in Inglewood, we relate that back to three main ideas: Minimalism, Zero Waste, and Simple Living. With that in mind, here are five of our favourite resources for Simplicity Day.
Posted by Lindsay on 7/12/2018 to General Info

Confessional: We Use Wash Cloths Instead of Toilet Paper

I’ve noticed that as I scour the internet looking for the latest news and best tips on zero waste living, there is one glaring omission from the offerings: an alternative to toilet paper. That’s not to say it’s never addressed. I’ve seen the question asked by #zerowaste hopefuls, and I’ve seen the gurus suggest “lower impact” alternatives such as recycled toilet paper or toilet paper made of materials other than wood pulp.

To be quite frank, I’m totally perplexed. The experts are missing an obvious, wonderful and totally zero waste alternative to toilet paper. It’s called Family Cloth.

Posted by Lindsay on 7/9/2018 to Zero Waste Living

An Ode to Mint With Summer Cooling Spray

An Ode to Mint With Summer Cooling Spray
It’s about to get real toasty out there folks! And some of us are prepared to do just about anything to keep from overheating and becoming a soggy, sweaty mess. Along with throwing your socks, slippers, underpants and sheets in your freezer, you can also create a cooling mist that’s super easy to make and you can pack along with you where ever you may go!
Posted by Katie on 7/5/2018 to Recipes

Pamper Your Skin With an All-Natural, From Scratch Cleanser

Pamper Your Skin With an All-Natural, From Scratch Cleanser
If you're like some of us here at The Apothecary, your skin might be described as "complicated." Finding a cleanser can be tricky! We particularly love our cleansers, of course, but we also LOVE to mix up all-natural concoctions from scratch, and we know many of you do as well! So with that in mind, here are a few of our favourite cleanser recipes.
Posted by Lindsay on 7/3/2018 to Recipes