Spinach Seeds, Bloomsdale Dark Green

Latin:Spinacia oleracea
Lot Number:SP34000

Bloomsdale Dark Green Spinach is an old standard home garden variety dating back to the early 19th century. A heavy yielder of thick, succulent, glossy, dark-green, savoyed or crumpled leaves which are very sweet in salads or cooked. Plants are prostrate in growth and reach 61 cm (24”) tall with a spread of 61 cm (24”) wide. Slow to bolt into seed.

Approximately 100 seeds per gram. Each pack contains 5 grams of seed.

About Wildrose Heritage Seed Company

Wildrose Heritage Seed Company Limited offers only ‘heirloom’ vegetable seeds for one simple reason: These seeds represent our history from generation to generation and they represent our future food security as well. We encourage you to save the seed from our open-pollinated seed varieties that we offer. With the proper growing techniques and the proper seed saving methods, you can reliably grow and enjoy the same plants for generations to come. We strive to offer only the highest quality agricultural seed available that fits our ethical profile.

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