Tanacetum essential oil (Blue Tansy, wildcrafted)
Latin Name:Tanacetum annuum
Method:steam distilled
Description: Tanacetum (more commonly known as Blue Tansy), is deep blue in appearance, and smells like a sweet fruit, with a hint of herbal notes. This is shocking to some individuals who smell it for the first time, because as you can see in the image on the left, the essential oil is distilled from a yellow flower. We recommend using it in blends where possible, as it can be quite overwhelming on its own.

Blue Tansy is noted for its powerful anti-histamine properties, and may be used to counter allergic reactions such as rashes, itches, coughing, breathing troubles, and repetitive sneezing. Being a potent sedative, it may be used in blends designed to combat insomnia and lower blood pressure. It's an excellent choice as an additive for bruise, wound and muscle pain blends. It is shown to stimulate endocrine glands, and is effective on the thyroid and thymus glands. It may assist the immune system in fighting of existing cold, flu and other infections, as well as ease some digestive complaints.

Given its sedating effect, Blue Tansy may provide relief from excess stress, tension, irritability, anxiety, anger, hysteria, worry, and other 'hot' emotions. It has been used to reduce oversensitivity, emotional frustration, and curb impulsive behaviour.

Though information on the energetic uses of Blue Tansy is limited, it is said enable one to go with the flow and be flexible in chaotic situations or when dealing with rapid changes.

Contraindications: Minimal dosage only. Toxic internally. It is generally recommended that Blue Tansy should be avoided by small children, pregnant women, or those with epilepsy. Considered to be highly toxic to pets; ensure a scent free room is available for free roaming if diffusing, and do not apply to your pet topically.
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