Bluebird Pads: The Sustainable Period Care of the Future

Bluebird Pads: The Sustainable Period Care of the Future

There are countless reasons as to why one may choose cloth pads and liners over disposable menstrual and incontinence products. Many individuals shy away from reusable products like this because of the lack of education in schools and healthcare, and the lack of options in popular stores. Like anything reusable, with just a little bit of education and habit-changing, switching to reusable menstrual products is quite simple, hassle-free, and sanitary. Not to mention, switching to alternatives protects your body from harmful additives and saves you some big money in the long run.

Starting off with undisclosed and harmful ingredients, many disposable menstrual products contain a range of unlisted ingredients, such as:

  • Bleach, dioxins, pesticides & herbicide residues.
  • BPA, DEHP, and BPS which are industrial chemicals that are used when processing certain plastics.
  • Synthetic fragrances and odour neutralizers.
  • Phthalates which are chemicals used in manufacturing plastics to make it softer and more flexible.
  • Synthetic fibres, rayon, plastic, cotton, and wood pulp.

Our skin is absorbent, and the products we choose to use, especially in such a delicate area, impact our overall well-being. Plastics in disposable products can decrease air flow and trap heat and moisture, which can encourage bacteria to grow. Bluebird Pads are made from soft, breathable cotton fabrics that contain no lead, phthalates, BPA, fragrances, or pesticides.

Above anything else, comfort is the most important factor in choosing your products. Another reason for choosing cotton pads is that they offer exceptional comfort. Bluebird Pads do not itch, feel sweaty, contain latex, or create unpleasant odors, and most importantly, are soft and breathable.

Choosing options that are good for you is important, but when you find a product that is also good for the earth you know you’re making the right choice. The lifetime of disposable pads in the landfill is 500 years, whereas cotton is only 2 years. Switching to reusable cotton pads significantly reduces associated landfill waste all while saving you money! Typically, menstruators in Canada spend approximately $92.30 per year if purchasing day & night U by Kotex pads, and even more if they are organic cotton disposable maxi pads at approximately $165.10 per year! Bluebird pads are designed to be washed and reused over and over again for years, and you can purchase a variety pack of 2 petite, 4 classic, 1 super day, and 1 super night for just $150.99. Bluebird pads also have a wide variety of patterns and styles to meet everyone’s needs. You can choose from styles such as thong, petite, short, long, super, night, heavy day and a very heavy night style pad that is designed for postpartum and incontinence.

Let us know which pattern of bluebird pads you would like to see in store!

Posted by Ryliegh on 5/31/2023 to Promotions

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