Turkey Rub

This turkey rub is a delicate blend of turmeric powder, red chili, onion powder, garlic, nutmeg, black pepper, rock salt, ginger and yellow mustard.

Cold Grind Organic is located right here in Calgary and is USDA certified organic.

About Cold Grind Organic

Cold Grind Organic is a subsidiary of Ganesha Foods, founded in 2016 by the Bharthi family in Calgary, Alberta. Cold Grind Organic is an organic spice company that brings the best spices in the world from our farms in India to your table in Canada.

All Cold Grind Organic spices are grown, harvested, sun-dried and blended in India. Our spices are then cold-ground — a rare process that preserves nearly 100% of the essential oils found naturally in spices. The result is a product that is incredibly aromatic and flavourful.

Cold Grind Organic works directly with farmers who grow our spices. Every aspect of our production process — from harvesting to shipping — are carefully monitored to ensure the spices you enjoy are of the highest possible quality.

Why Cold Ground?

Cold Grind Organic spices are ground using a unique grinding process called "Cold Grinding". This means the temperature of the equipment is lowered when the spices are ground. The result is a process that retains 99.7% of the essential oils and micronutrients naturally found in the spices, leading to a product that is richer in flavour, more vibrant in colour and highly aromatic. Traditional grinding processes generate heat — this subsequently degrades the quality of the spices by striping away the essential oils, moisture and fats that give the spices their aroma and rich flavours (as much as 57% can be removed!). The heat can also cause the equipment to clog and produce unwanted waste.

BULK PRICING: Price is per 10 g. To save on packaging, our spices are sold in bulk and will arrive to you in a labelled plastic bag. Now you may order as much or as little as you'd like!

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