During Covid-19 we have several options for shopping with us. For those outside of Calgary, nothing has changed; we are still shipping with Canpar and Canada Post as usual. For our local friends we have Curbside Pick Up and Local Delivery, and of course, in-store shopping. Read on for more about our in-store shopping!

Hours for In-Store Shopping

We are open 6 days a week for shopping by appointment and walk ins (appointments receive priority).

  • Tuesday - Friday: 11 - 6
  • Saturday: 11 - 5
  • Sunday: 11 - 4
  • Monday: closed

Tough Love Rules for In-Store Shopping
  • MASKS MANDATORY: Mask wearing is mandatory for all customers (including children) while in our store. We understand that you may prefer not to wear a mask; we are happy to help you out on the phone or online with a curbside pick up order!
  • CAPACITY: We will be limiting the number of customers in the store. When you arrive to shop, let us know if you've got an appointment (these are given priority). You may be asked to wait outside until capacity is lower in store. Once you're clear, come on in!
  • SANITIZE: When you enter, you will be asked to sanitize your hands. Wearing gloves when you come in? You still need to sanitize those too.
  • PARTY SIZE: We know that you are excited to come back and see us (we're excited to see you too)! For now, we ask that you restrict your visits to necessary visits and restrict the number of people to only those who need to come.
  • NOT FEELING GREAT? If you have cold-like symptoms, please stay home and order online. If you demonstrate any cold-like symptoms while in store, you will be asked to leave the store. Should that happen, we will help you finish your order via phone or email!
  • CHILDREN: Children are always welcome in the store. While being mindful of our 'Party Size' request above, we ask that you keep your children with you while shopping, and don't let them wander on their own. Also, please help us keep them safe by reminding them not to touch things right now.
  • PAYMENT METHODS: Please help us by using contactless payment when possible. We can accept cash but at this time cards are safer for everyone.
  • RESPECT EACH OTHER. Please respect physical distancing from others. We do not have arrows on the floor or dividers up. We ask that you simply give space to others in the shoppe with you.
  • RESPECT THE STAFF. Please follow the directions of the staff. Part of their job is keeping you safe. Any type of abuse or threats (verbal or written) towards our hard-working team will not be tolerated. Please see our Abuse Policy for more info.
We Will Be Refilling Your Containers!

Got Jars? While bulk stations are not open for you to use as a customer, we are allowed to do the work for you! Here's how it's going to work:

  • Each jar you'd like filled MUST be empty, clean and dry. Our staff will refuse any container that isn't sparkling.
  • When you arrive, bring your jars to our front counter. We will spray down the outside of every jar with isopropyl alcohol.
  • We will ask you what you'd like in each jar and will add one of our tare tags to each.
  • You may grab a basket and browse while we refill your containers for you with whatever you need!

Cleaning Your Jars

At this time, we are unable to refill jars that are not completely empty, clean and dry.

To prepare your jars ahead of your next visit, we recommend:

  • Washing each jar with warm soap and water (or running through a dishwasher)
  • Allowing your jars to thoroughly air dry. Make sure there is no moisture left in the jar before screwing on your lid.
  • To make sure your jars are extra-dry, we recommend wiping them down with a paper towel or dry rag before screwing on your lid.

Book Your Shopping Appointment!

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