Did Someone Say Zero Waste Toothpaste?

Did Someone Say Zero Waste Toothpaste?

Ah yes, there are many easy sustainable swap items for the home, but one of the most challenging everyday items to find a low-waste alternative for is toothpaste... Well, it's time we introduced you to Nelson Naturals! 100% refillable, with the first jar of toothpaste being sold at a farmer’s market in 2012, this company has mastered toothpaste, toothpaste tabs and even mouthwash tabs! Nelson Naturals’ packaging and products are 100% plastic free, cruelty free, vegan, natural and all made with the highest quality ingredients.

Today, we wanted to highlight three of our favourite Nelson Naturals products: the Moringa Mineral Rich Toothpaste, the Mint Crush & Brush, and the Crush & Swish.

Moringa, the most nutrient-dense plant on earth, is an incredible addition to fresh toothpaste in this forest. Iodine is also an ingredient in this toothpaste, which is a member of the halogen family (same as fluoride) and has many benefits. Finally, added detoxifying bentpnite clay acts as a mild abrasive and can absorb stains on the teeth. The Moringa Mineral Rich Toothpaste is #1 on the staff favourites list.

Crush & Brush toothpaste tablets are lightweight and perfect for travel and brushing on the go! Just one tablet is all you need, and Nelson Naturals' tablets are twice the size of other standard toothpaste tablets. We love the convenience of the Crush & Brush and they help you save a ton of space in your luggage. Plus, you can take them in your carry-on (no more scrambling for a tiny toothpaste tube for your weekend getaway). The mint and charcoal-mint flavours are tied for the staff's favourite. In fact, we typically use both on alternating days as the charcoal helps keep your smile white!

Last but not least, we love Nelson Naturals Crush & Swish, which are perfectly portioned, mess-free mouthwash tablets. This product also saves you heaps of space in your bathroom (and a ton of plastic bottles)!

Not sold on these natural toothpaste alternatives? You can try just a tiny bit by stopping by the shoppe. Everything is sold by weight, so whether you want to try a day's worth or a week's worth, we can make it happen!

Posted by Ryliegh on 5/23/2023 to Promotions