Fullers Earth / Multani Mitti Clay

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This light-coloured multani mitti clay is the result of decomposed volcanic ash. The name, fuller's earth, comes from this clay's use in the early English wool industry. It was used by fullers to clean and degrease woolen cloth during the 'fulling' process, because of its ability to absorb oil.

Multani Mitti is also one of the earliest substances to be used as a beauty mask. Multani mitti is said to make your skin radiant and appealing by reducing the appearance of blemishes and acne scars. It may also deep clean the pores, reducing the look of black heads and whiteheads. Deep cleansing with multani mitti helps to remove impurities and sloughs off dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling refreshing with a glowing complexion! This allows the skin to breathe and absorb moisturizing cream more easily.

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Multani Mitti Clay may be cream to a more yellow in colour. Multani Mitti (literally, Multan's Sand) is a type of Kaolin and is high in minerals.


Store in an airtight container, in a cool dry area, away from direct sunlight.

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